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10 Jobs for Drama Queens (and Kings)

Acting Jobs and Other Opportunities

10 Jobs for Drama Queens (and Kings)

Do you have a penchant for the dramatic? Have you always been able to captivate people with your theatrical retelling of stories? Did people always tell you they expected to see your name in lights one day?

Sure, if you held the lead drama roles in high school, you may have thought an acting career would be your destiny. But you can use your passion for acting and drama in a number of careers -- not all of them in front of an audience.

So check out these career options that will let you show off your dramatic side:


When it comes to acting jobs, luck and timing are often critical to your success. But to develop your career more proactively, you’ll need to define the types of roles you want and the area you want to work in, such as stage, screen or television. Having an extensive and powerful network within the acting community doesn’t hurt either.


In television, movies and theater, the buck stops with the director. Directors are responsible for interpreting the vision for the piece and communicating with the creative and technical staff to make it happen.

Dramatic Coach

Dramatic coaches work with performers to identify their strengths and weaknesses and then guide them in further developing their craft.

Drama Therapist

Your interest in drama can also help people in a therapeutic setting. Drama therapists use psychodrama, role playing, drama games, puppets and more to treat their patients.


Lawyers -- especially trial lawyers -- employ a bit of theatrics to win cases, especially when appealing to an audience, AKA the jury and sometimes even the media.


Modeling is a great option if you've got the Hollywood look but not necessarily the proclivity for remembering lines.

Public Relations Specialist

PR specialists work to grab people’s attention and entertain them enough so they want to see the production being promoted.


Salespeople aren't that much different from PR specialists. The right theatrics -- at the right dose -- can go along way when making a pitch to a prospective buyer.

Voice Coach

Let's hum a few bars on this one: Voice coaches are similar to dramatic coaches in that they help performers improve, but voice coaches focus solely on singing.


Many an aspiring star and starlet has taken a waiter job while waiting for their star turns. Your ability to act as though you like your customers can help you bring in the tips.

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