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Career Horoscopes


Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

Aquarius Career Horoscope

June 2018

by the AstroTwins

Khalil Ghibran wrote that "work is love made visible," and this month’s stars give you star-powered permission to lead with your heart.

A little vulnerability will go a long way while the Sun is in Gemini and your passionate fifth house until June 21. Get back in touch with your higher purpose, and channel your innermost desires by infusing any task you undertake—no matter how menial—with a true sense of joy.

Messenger planet Mercury joins the Sun in this same expressive zone on the 12th, making you more open and lighthearted in your interactions and business dealings. If you’re interviewing, you don’t necessarily have to tell your whole life story, but a dollop of authenticity and humility is favorable under these keep-it-real skies.

An opportunity for recognition could arrive on the 13th when the Gemini new moon helps you plant seeds for a position with a company that recognizes your creative talents.

On June 21, the Sun shifts gears and zips into Cancer and your systematic sixth house, kicking off your summer on a highly productive note. Meanwhile, energetic, ambitious Mars is blasting through your sign all month long, giving you a surge of cosmic motivation.

Caveat: The red planet begins a two-month retrograde phase on the 26th that could stall your progress for a spell that lasts until Aug. 27. Patience, Water Bearer. Use this time to work behind the scenes and tighten up your skills.

From Sept. 10 onward, it's prime time for a big launch or leap of faith.

Align the stars with your job search

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About the AstroTwins

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