10 jobs where cleanliness is next to godliness

These gigs let you banish dust, dirt, and debris so you can get your sparkle on.

10 jobs where cleanliness is next to godliness

These jobs keep it clean.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” but for us mortals, there’s simply no way around it: Life is messy. Just about everyone appreciates the aftereffects of cleaning—sparkling teeth, a freshly washed and vacuumed car, the caress of just-like-new carpet on your bare feet—but fewer folks enjoy putting in the time and elbow grease to bring about this pristine state.

Naturally, that’s where the jobs come in. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale, Monster found 10 careers where you get to shine (and scrub and scour).

Car wash technician

Why: Americans love their cars, and with approximately 253 million of them on the road, it takes a whole lot of suds to keep them looking shiny and new. Car wash technicians vacuum, wash, dry and polish vehicles inside and out. The job is often called detailing, which gives you a good sense of the level of fastidiousness that is required.
What you’d make: $11.23 an hour

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Carpet cleaning technician

Why: Some household items are relatively easy to clean—tabletops, dishes, laundry—others, not so much. Consider the humble carpet, which sees people trouncing on it daily. Regular vacuuming can’t deal with all the deep-set dirt that accumulates. Carpet cleaning technicians use the power of steam to lift away stains, freshening a whole room in the process.
What you’d make: $12.95 an hour

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Why: Typically, the more people in a building, the more cleaning is required. Just think of all bodies that occupy offices, schools, hospitals and other businesses. Custodians keep those spaces sparkling, and their work can often be done in off-hours without too much outside interference. View a sample resume for a custodian.
What you’d make: $24,990 per year

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Dental hygienist

Why: If you’re fastidious about personal hygiene, you know that a bright, winning smile is a must-have. To help patients maintain their pearly whites, dental hygienists administer thorough cleanings, removing sticky plaque and tartar that can ruin teeth and gums.  
What you’d make: $74,070 per year

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Dog groomer

Why: Rover and Fido aren’t usually amenable to bathing, so many pet owners rely on professional groomers to get the job done. This includes shampooing, trimming fur and nails, and even styling when requested. And because dogs will be dogs, groomers can expect to see their four-legged clients rather frequently.
What you’d make: $11.61 an hour

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Dry cleaner

Why: If you know that the “dry clean only” tag on your silk tie or bedspread is an instruction and not a mere suggestion, you’ll surely be at home in this gig. Delicate items need the attention of a dry cleaner who can expertly remove stains, freshen fabrics and press shirts and trousers to a crisp finish.
What you’d make: $10.75 an hour

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Why: Feeling a bit shaggy or blah? Nothing a trip to the salon can't fix. From a simple shave to a full-on cut-and-color, hairstylists and barbers keep people looking their neatest and best. View a sample resume for a hairstylist.
What you’d make: $11.94 an hour

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Why: Some people just can’t sleep if their floors aren’t clean enough to eat on, or if there’s a speck of dust lurking on a side table. Sound familiar? From dusting and vacuuming to scrubbing bathroom tiles and organizing bookshelves, a housekeeper can help keep other people’s homes neat and tidy. In addition to working in private residences, housekeepers also work in commercial locations such as hotels and hospitals. View a sample resume for a housekeeper.
What you’d make: $10.99 an hour

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Sanitation worker

Why: For sanitation workers, taking out the trash means more than bagging garbage and tossing it into a bin. These workers are employed in a variety of settings, from food processing plants to wastewater treatment plants, but their duties are generally the same: disposing of waste in a hygienic manner.
What you’d make: $36,160 per year

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Window cleaner

Why: What good is a room with a view if it has dirty windows? Window cleaners are responsible for keeping architectural glass looking sparkly and bright inside and out. For those that scale the highest buildings, it can be an  intimidating job, but the rewards include panoramic views of the cityscape and beyond.
What you’d make: $14.89 an hour

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