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Employers Value Attitude, Work Ethic From Millennial Job Seekers

Managers place a higher importance on soft skills than tech skills when hiring candidates for entry-level positions

Employers Value Attitude, Work Ethic From Millennial Job Seekers

Forget the name dropping for fill-in-the-blank university. And simply showing up as a tech savvy millennial isn't going to cut it. 

Research shows that hiring managers are more concerned with millennial job applicants having soft skills like attitude and work ethic than hard trade skills when considering hiring for entry-level positions.

The survey, conducted by Instructure, a software-as-a-service company, polled approximately 750 managers at U.S. companies in various industries. The study measured which factors managers take into highest consideration during the hiring process and which skills they equate to success.

"This study provides a blueprint for millennials to follow as they prepare for their first forays into the workforce," said Jose Coates, CEO at Instructure in a press release

When hiring, virtually all managers said attitude and work ethic are the most important considerations in choosing a candidate and 85 percent reported work ethic as the most important attribute for employee success. Seventy-nine percent of managers said a candidate's prestigious schooling was the least important hiring factor. 

The responses reveal that managers hire millennials based on key attributes, then hope to effectively train them to develop other skills they need to excel in entry-level positions.

"Most companies are hiring talent based on soft skills like attitude and hard work, with the hope that they can train them to be up to par on things like tech skills and industry knowledge," said Davis Bell, VP of Corporate Markets. "To do that, managers have to make sure their organizational training is on point."

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