Tips to Write a Goodbye Email to Coworkers

Before you hit send on this all-important email, read these important do’s and don’ts.

Tips to Write a Goodbye Email to Coworkers

A goodbye email to coworkers must address a few key things.

You got a new job, congratulations! Before you leave your current position, you'll want to send one final goodbye email to coworkers. Make that your soon-to-be-former coworkers.

"A goodbye email helps you close the loop and put a bow on your employment before you move on, so be sure you send one," says Monster Career Expert Vicki Salemi. "It's a mistake not to, because it's a pretty simple task, and you want to leave on a good note."

Not sure of what you should or shouldn't say in your last office email? Here are Salemi's farewell email do's and don'ts:

Tips to Write a Goodbye Email to Coworkers

1. Do Be Gracious

Every goodbye email to coworkers must be chock full of one thing: gratitude. Thank your colleagues for the time you worked together, and mention what you'll miss about working there. The tone of your farewell should be upbeat and friendly.

2. Don't Make It Too Long

Short and sweet is best. Two or three brief paragraphs are usually enough. You should be able to briefly but appropriately express yourself when saying goodbye.

3. Do Keep the Tone Professional and Businesslike

Even if all you want to write in your goodbye email to coworkers is a succinct and stinging "Bye-bye, suckers!" we regret to inform you that you really, really should not.

Avoid the two main work email faux pas: getting emotional or too personal. Plus, don't be too casual, use foul language, or include backhanded compliments that can rub coworkers the wrong way.

4. Do Send the Email to All Your Coworkers

There's no reason to exclude colleagues in other departments, even if you've only worked with them briefly. And if you've had issues with certain people in the past, include them too. This is a time when you want to take the high road.

5. Do Share Your Personal Email Account

While this part of your farewell email to coworkers is optional—not everyone prefers to stay in touch—it's a nice gesture and gives you the opportunity to say, "If you have any questions while I'm no longer here, I'm just an email away." It can also be important for future networking opportunities.

6. Do Send a Separate Email to Your External Contacts

Clients, vendors, and anyone else you worked with regularly who wasn't at your company should hear the news from you, and they may welcome the chance to stay in touch. Plus, you never know where a new job lead and/or client can emerge from.

7. Do Send It at the Right Time

Emailing a goodbye any earlier than the day before your last day is probably too early. Most people send their goodbye email to co-workers on their last day in the office. But don't wait until you're ready to walk out the door, since sending it a few hours before you leave gives people a chance to send one last reply with their own farewells and good wishes.

8. Don't Be Negative

Even if you were laid off or if you worked in a toxic work environment, resist the temptation to mention any of that in your letter. Your reputation will follow you long after you're no longer working there. And including something negative about the job itself, the workplace, or anything work-related may be construed as a poor reflection of you.

9. Don't Forget to Spellcheck

Always be on the lookout for typos and grammatical errors. Use spell check, but also carefully proofread your letter so you catch any mistakes that spellcheck might miss. You want to be remembered for being detail-oriented—not for being the outgoing employee who misspelled the name of the department in their goodbye email.

Sample Goodbye Email to Coworkers

Dear team,

As you know, today is my last day at ABC Company. I want to say that my time here has been nothing short of terrific, and I'm so lucky to have worked with such a smart, dedicated, and fun-loving group of people. Each of you has inspired me to bring my best self to the job every single day, and I've learned so much from our many collaborations. I know you will continue to exceed every goal that gets put in front of you. I would love to keep in touch and can be reached at Once again, thank you for everything.

Best wishes for continued success in all you do,

Stevie Jones

Ready to Write a Goodbye Email to Coworkers?

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