5 "Internet of Things" jobs you can apply for right now

Demand is on the rise for IoT technology, which connects everything from cars to factories to the cloud.

5 "Internet of Things" jobs you can apply for right now

We’ve been hearing the term “Internet of Things” for a few years now, but mass adoption of the technology—which turns physical objects like cars or light bulbs into cloud-enabled data providers—seems to be forever dangling somewhere in the not-too-distant future. But that may not be the case much longer, as a report from market intelligence provider IDC predicts IoT revenue to grow by more than 16% by 2019, reaching around $357 billion.

Even that’s only brushing the surface. A study from Business Insider Intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2020. Those could be anything from sneakers that post your location on Swarm to…I don’t know, wind turbines that talk to each other. The possible applications for IoT connectivity truly span across all industries (the “Industrial Internet” is already a thing in the manufacturing and energy sectors), and that’s good news for tech job seekers who want to get in on the action.

That said, there’s already a ton of demand for techies who want to work on IoT projects—over 1,000 job listings on Monster right now. We’ve gathered a few of them below, along with their accompanying job descriptions. If the latest reports are anything to go on, now might be a great time to get comfortable with technology that could be ubiquitous very, very soon.


1. Sr. Staff C++ Software Engineer/Architect

Company: Skyrocket Ventures

Description: This IoT startup is innovating in the space, utilizing the latest technologies in a variety of areas such as artificial intelligence, computer science, distributed computing, stream & batch data services, large scale system design, and more. They already have large customers, and are rapidly growing. The company is seeking a hands-on engineer who is passionate about building core components to power their Internet of Things platform.


2. Web Development Engineer – AWS IoT Team

Company: Amazon Corporate

Description: The AWS Internet of Things (IoT) project is a brand new initiative in Amazon and we're pulling together a fantastic team to achieve our mission. If you are fascinated by the endless possibilities unlocked when embedding technology into physical things - from smart homes, wearables, intelligent industrial automation and more, we have the right role for you. We are looking for passionate software engineers to build customer-facing applications that operate at IoT scale.


3. CLOUD – Senior Software Engineer

Company: Honeywell

Description: You’ll be a part of Tridium’s (a business unit within Honeywell International) position as a market leader in open systems and software, forming the foundation of the Internet of Things. Participate in the design anyd implementation of Tridium’s next generation software technology. Handle support inquiries escalated from internal technical support group. Collaborate with a globally distributed engineering team.


4. Software Engineer - JavaScript / Ruby - Internet of Things

Company:  MathWorks

Description: Join the ThingSpeak team here at MathWorks to help engineers, scientists, makers, and students to bring the power of MATLAB and Simulink to IoT! You will develop new features, improve existing functionality, and design a web architecture that connects all the parts of the IoT ecosystem with a high availability web service and website. You will be responsible for taking projects from early design stages through to completion.


5. Senior SW Development Engineer

Company: Hitachi Data Systems

Description: As a Software Development Engineer you will be responsible for architecting, designing, & implementing our IoT (Internet of Things) Products. The Engineering team utilizes a highly collaborative development model that requires deep involvement from start to finish of each project.


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