8 jobs that pay you to travel

Got wanderlust? These occupations could be the perfect fit for your career.

8 jobs that pay you to travel

Reach for the skies with these jobs.

We get it. The daily grind in Cubicleville can take its toll—especially on those who love to travel. The good news: There are plenty of great travel jobs for people with wanderlust.

So, if you’re looking for work where you get to see the world, consider these eight careers where travel is an essential part of the job.

1. Travel nurse

What you’d do: As boomers continue to age, the national nursing shortage is continuing to grow, according to the American Nurses Association. To fill the demand, hospitals are hiring more travel nurses. Since these nurses work on a temporary basis (often on 13-week contracts), they have the ability to bounce between hospitals in different cities.
What you’d need: In addition to having a registered nursing degree, travel nurses must be licensed in each state in which they practice. Most travel nursing jobs also require at least one year of hospital experience in their chosen specialty. View a sample resume for a nurse.
What you’d earn: $32 per hour (roughly $61,600 annually)

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2. Archaeologist

What you’d do: While some archaeologists are permanently stationed at a museum, laboratory or college, many spend the bulk of their time doing fieldwork—collecting and studying artifacts at historic sites and then presenting their research at conferences or publishing their findings in trade journals.
What you’d need: You typically need a master’s degree or Ph.D. in archeology. A master’s program takes on average two years to complete and includes field or laboratory research.
What you’d earn: $61,220 per year

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3. Athletic scout

What you’d do: Colleges employ full-time scouts to discover and recruit talented high school athletes. These jobs typically involve traveling to cities across the country throughout the year for on-the-ground scouting.
What you’d need: While education requirements vary, you typically only need a high school degree. When hiring for this position, college coaches and pro team coaches focus more on finding people who were athletes or have some type of athletic coaching background.
What you’d earn: $31,000 per year

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4. Management consultant

What you’d do: Also referred to as management analysts, management consultants advise managers on how to make their organizations more profitable by identifying areas to cut costs or ways to improve efficiency. Consultants often cycle between clients, so they travel frequently for work.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree is required. Since management consultants can work in a variety of sectors—such as government, engineering, banking and health care—a degree that relates to your chosen field will make you more marketable to employers.
What you’d earn: $81,320 per year

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5. Event coordinator

What you’d do: Event planners organize meetings, conferences and company retreats in any number of industries. Because they need to visit prospective meeting sites and venues, event coordinators spend a lot of time traveling.
What you’d need: Most event coordinator jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Experience in the hospitality industry is a bonus to employers. View a sample resume for an event coordinator.
What you’d earn: $46,840 per year

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6. Flight attendant

What you’d do: If you love to travel and don’t mind working odd hours, consider becoming a flight attendant. In addition to providing passengers with food and beverages, flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone onboard. One caveat: You may have to deal with some difficult passengers while staying calm and courteous.
What you’d need: Attendants must receive training and certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. Most airlines also require at least a high school diploma. View a sample resume for a flight attendant.
What you’d earn: $44,860 per year

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7. Travel agent

What you’d do: In order to provide quality service to vacation planners—including arranging transportation, lodging and admission to activities—travel agents must be familiar with the venues and services they sell. Therefore, they often take trips to scout out potential hotels, restaurants and attractions.
What you’d need: Most travel companies require agents to have a high school diploma. Sales and customer service skills are crucial.
What you’d earn: $35,660 per year

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8. Geoscientist

What you’d do: Many geoscientists travel to remote parts of the world to study physical aspects of the earth, such as its composition, structure and processes. They analyze everything from rock formation and ocean water circulation to gas and oil deposits and environmental cleanup. They often split their time between the outdoors and their laboratory or office.
What you’d need: Entry-level geoscientist jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in geosciences, geology, physics or a related field of study. If you’re looking for a high-paying research position, however, you’ll likely need a master’s degree or Ph.D.
What you’d earn: $89,700 per year

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