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Top 10 pet-friendly companies

We’re throwing job seekers a bone with our roundup of companies where employees say pets are treated like family.

Top 10 pet-friendly companies

The Best Companies Offer Pet Perks

We’re convinced that some companies are run by Cruella De Vil.

OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch—Dalmatians everywhere can take comfort in that—but the point is, some employers don’t give your pets a second thought beyond politely smiling at the 20 different pictures of your cat you have sitting on your desk. They don’t offer your pets insurance for those pricey trips to the vet, and they certainly don’t offer your pets invitations into the office.

Fortunately for Fido, that’s not the case for all companies. Some best-in-class employers understand the value pets can bring to the workplace and beyond, such as boosting productivity, lowering blood pressure, and adding a whole lot of cuteness. That’s why some companies offer benefits, such as pet insurance, pet daycare, or even allow you to bring your pet to work.

Recently, Monster partnered with employee-review platform kununu to identify workplace benefits and perks that employees rate as most important to their job satisfaction. Using kununu’s data, identifying the top-ranked companies overall that scored highest for friendliness toward pets and then rounded up the jobs they’re hiring for on Monster.

The winners range from retailers to universities and everything in between. But don’t just take our word that these companies care about your pets. Take it from the people who know best: current and former employees who left reviews on kununu’s site. See if one of the companies below would be a good fit for you—and your pet.

1. REI

Corporate headquarters: Kent, Washington

What they do: The country’s largest consumer cooperative, REI has stores throughout the country that sell sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing.

Number of jobs in 2018: 2,599

Frequently hiring for: Retail sales managers, stocking specialists, technicians, customer service specialists

Find REI jobs on Monster.


Corporate headquarters: San Francisco

What they do: is a cloud computing company that helps businesses connect with customers across sales, customer service, apps, analytics, and marketing.

Number of jobs in 2018: 10,386

Frequently hiring for: Software engineers, sales representatives, information security architects

Find Salesforce jobs on Monster.

3. University of Oregon

Corporate headquarters: Eugene, Oregon

What they do: A public research university, the University of Oregon is comprised of nine schools and colleges.

Number of jobs in 2018: 1,544

Frequently hiring for: Professors, researchers, librarians

Find University of Oregon jobs on Monster.

4. U.S. Army

Corporate headquarters: Arlington, Virginia

What they do: The U.S. Army is one of the three military departments within the Department of Defense.

Number of jobs in 2018: 147,875

Frequently hiring for: Nurses, physician assistants, IT specialists

Find U.S. Army jobs on Monster.

5. H&M

Corporate headquarters: New York City

What they do: With a keen interest in sustainable fashion, H&M is one of the word’s leading fashion companies, operating more than 4,500 stores across the globe.

Number of jobs in 2018: 1,557

Frequently hiring for: Retail supervisors, retail associates

Find retail jobs on Monster.

6. San Diego State University

Corporate headquarters: San Diego

What they do: As both the oldest and largest higher education institution in San Diego county, San Diego State University is a highly regarded public research university comprised of seven colleges.

Number of jobs in 2018: 12

Frequently hiring for: Research specialists, community support facilitators, resident advisors

Find SDSU jobs on Monster.

7. University of Georgia

Corporate headquarters: Athens, Georgia

What they do: Dubbed the “birthplace of public higher education in America,” the University of Georgia is a public research university, comprised of 17 schools and colleges.

Number of jobs in 2018: 1,915

Frequently hiring for: Researcherspostsecondary teachers, business consultants

Find University of Georgia jobs on Monster.

8. Nvidia Corporation

Corporate headquarters: Santa Clara, California

What they do: Nvidia is a tech company focused on artificial intelligence.

Number of jobs in 2018: 8,326

Frequently hiring for: Software engineers, solutions architects, research scientists

Find Nvidia jobs on Monster.

9. Google

Corporate headquarters: Mountain View, California

What they do: Google is a tech company that specializes in online advertising, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Number of jobs in 2018: 6,884

Frequently hiring for: Software developerssales engineersmarketing managerssales representativesmarket research analystsadvertising sales agentscomputer systems engineers

Find Google jobs on Monster.

10. Norton Healthcare

Corporate headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

What they do: With more than 40 local locations, Norton Healthcare specializes in providing cancer, heart, women’s, and pediatric care.

Number of jobs in 2018: 2,659

Frequently hiring for: Nurses, analysts

Find Norton Healthcare jobs on Monster.


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