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BOSH Global Services Company Overview

Newport News, Virginia, US
Company Size
100 to 499 employees
Aerospace and Defense

BOSH specializes in unmanned systems-related operations and technology services. The company, formerly known as UAV Communications, Inc. was established as a Virginia S-corporation in November 2003 and SBA-Certified as an 8(a) company.ISO 9001:2008 registered, BOSH is led by founder Robert Fitzgerald and a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.
BOSH Global Services maintains its global headquarters in Newport News, VA. Our team of professionals comprises the best and brightest from government, industry and academia, and boasts a history of superlative performance in the areas of ground control systems, communications logistics, information interpretation and analysis, and sensor data delivery. Members of this 24x7 team are stationed in strategic global locations. When you have todeliver results, you want a partner in the operational environment who has experienced it and knows it from every angle. We're that partner.

Among our many accomplishments, BOSH professionals have:

  • Designed the communications architecture supporting the US Air Force's first employment of MQ-1 Predator Remote Split Operations
  • Designed and built UAS Operations Centers for Air National Guard and Air Force Special Operations Command
  • Designed and installed upgrades for UAS video dissemination at the forward Combined Air and Space Operations Center
  • Designed and installed the new video distribution system for the AFCENT Combined Air and Space Operations Center
  • Provided aircraft and ground control station maintenance for the Predator and Reaper platforms
  • First company chosento provide formal UAS and ISR training to the United States Air Force Academy
  • First non-manufacturer to provide Small UAS training to the US Special Operations Command and US Air Force
  • Supported historical first instance of machine-to-machine interoperability between AF-DCGS and DCGS-A

To learn more about what we do, explore our services information. We also encourage you to find out more about our mission and vision, and to take a visual tour of the services we provide.