Company Overview

Knoxville, US
Company Size
100 to 499 employees

Edfinancial Services provides exceptional customer-driven student loan servicing. In addition, we have created streamlined processes and higher education services specifically designed with schools in mind - such as call center capabilities, financial aid process outsourcing, and default prevention services.

Perpetual motion is our constant state. We are absolutely driven to excel on behalf of our stakeholders - borrowers, schools, businesses, and state and federal agencies. We stay ahead of the technology curve in higher education. We anticipate new trends and respond with products that improve operational efficiencies and corporate compliance.

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Edfinancial Services has satellite facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Since the only constant in this business is change, we're not looking back. Edfinancial Services is focused on the future. We're seeing through the eyes of our customers to sharpen our focus and align our vision with your reality. A company in motion, Edfinancial Services is moving forward, putting vision into action. Come grow with us in 2011.