Neff Motivation, Inc. Company Overview

Greenville, OH, US
Company Size
500 to 999 employees
Sports and Physical Recreation

About this Company

What's it like working at the Neff Company? Well, when you're the leader in providing awards and sportswear to schools across the nation, you expect to be surrounded by winners. It's part of the job. But it's also about the colleagues, the one's with the winning attitudes, the one's you rely on everyday that help make a great company even better. You see, for over a half-century, thousands of schools and millions of students have come to know us by name.

Neff® has been part of the tradition of America's schools since 1949. Our main mission is to help educators motivate America's students and we strive to achieve that mission every day. Neff has helped educators develop award programs to reward student achievement in academics, activities and athletics. We are proud to have been placed in the fabric of each of the student's lives, and we take as much as pride in producing the awards, as the students do in receiving them.

Neff offers a wide range of motivational products including chenille award letters, award plaques, certificates, medals, banners, decals, custom wool award jackets, sportswear, staff apparel, practice wear and a full range of championship products.

At Neff, new challenges and opportunities unfold every day.

Are you interested in kick-starting your CAREER? Do it with a company that understands what it takes to be a winner. For more information, visit our website at

It could be the best decision you've ever made.

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