Queens Workforce1 Career Center

Queens Workforce1 Career Center

Queens Workforce1 Career Center Company Overview

Bronx, NY, US
Company Size
100 to 499 employees
Staffing/Employment Agencies

Our Expertise, Your Success

Workforce1 is a service provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services that prepares and connects qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City. We make strong matches for both candidates and employers by using a unique combination of recruitment expertise, industry knowledge, and skill-building workshops to strengthen candidates' employment prospects.

Our approach gets results. In 2010, we placed New Yorkers in over 31,000 jobs all over the City. How do we do it? We develop relationships directly with businesses that are hiring, then we get a deep understanding of what they're looking for in a candidate. We use that understanding to help you connect to the right employer - and then succeed by putting your best foot forward.

Are you ready to get started with us? Our services are delivered through a network of Workforce1 Career Centers located throughout the City's five boroughs and are available for New Yorkers age 18 and older.