Sara Lee Company Overview

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing

At Sara Lee, we value diversity within our workforce. We actively recruit and promote people from different backgrounds and life perspectives for every level and area of the organization. Diversity is key to our success and the richness of our products, ideas and innovations.

To truly flourish, diversity demands a culture of inclusiveness. An inclusive environment uses the talents of a diverse group of individuals to help the company to achieve its business goals, while allowing employees to work in a setting where differences are embraced, respected and appreciated.

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce and leadership team will drive better business results. We aim to become the benchmark in this area by creating and sustaining an inclusive environment where all people regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, income, religious beliefs, physical ability, education level, seniority, geography, work and communication styles or sexual orientation are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We will aggressively provide meaningful responsibility and development opportunities to our employees worldwide.

Today Sara Lee is working diligently to become a more diverse and inclusive company by:

  • Working across our global organization to achieve measurable diversityand inclusion objectives in recruitment, retention and engagement;
  • Creating an infrastructure and culture committed to driving the successof our diversity and inclusion objectives;
  • Making supplier diversity a business imperative;
  • Ensuring that diversity is reflected in our brand and marketing strategies.

It is Sara Lee's mission "To simply delight you . . . every day." As we make progress against each of these strategies, our employees, consumers, customers, and suppliers increasingly view Sara Lee and our brands as diverse and reflective of the multi-cultural world in which we live.