Talent Quest Inc Company Overview

Atlanta, GA, US
Company Size
50 to 99 employees
Computer Software

TalentQuest: Talent Management Software and Consulting Expertise in One Place.

Talent Management. Simplified. In the world of talent management, weaving together strategy, process and technology can be an elusive quest. Achieving the best results from talent management solutions requires outstanding technology and consulting expertise.

Most talent management software vendors aren't equipped to meet this essential need. They simply cannot provide the integrated consulting services and support with the technology needed to bring your talent initiatives to life and deliver results across the spectrum – selection, performance management, succession planning, compensation management and leadership development. TalentQuest can.

For over 40 years, TalentQuest has delivered excellence in both talent management software and HCM consulting solutions. Unlike traditional talent management suite providers that offer poor integration and inadequate consulting services, we believe custom talent technology and consulting are key drivers for successfully integrated talent strategies and processes. Try asking any other talent management software company to help you develop custom competencies, implement a management training program or help you devise your total talent strategy. They'll just refer you to a "partner." Not us. We can do it all.

We develop and design solutions that are an authentic reflection of your individual business goals, culture and required skills. We also provide you with the highest level of support and service. We then work side by side with you to integrate these strategies and solutions into your talent management delivery systems. We get results, and we care about your satisfaction.

The goal is making great talent management a simple process. And TalentQuest is with you on the journey, every step of the way.

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