Terumo Medical Corp. Company Overview

Somerset, New Jersey, US
Company Size
10,000 employees or more
Medical Devices and Supplies

Today, Terumo Medical Corporation develops, manufactures, exports, imports, markets, distributes, and sells a diverse portfolio of medical devices, supplies, and accessories and generates $280 million in annual sales. While some of our products and devices are produced in Japan, a growing portion of them are produced in Elkton, Maryland, including Pinnacle® Destination® guiding sheaths, Pinnacle® R/0 II sheaths, Terumo® insulin syringes, and CAPIJECT® micro-collection tubes. The manufacturing facility in Elkton spans over 321,000 square feet and utilizes automated processes with a quality system that is certified to be in compliance with the ISO 13485 Standard.

Terumo Medical Corporation offers its wide range of products through three business divisions: Terumo Interventional Systems, Terumo Medical Products, and Terumo Transfusion Products.

  • 1972: Terumo Medical Corporation is founded under the name Kimble Terumo, Inc.
  • 1980: The sales and distribution facility in Piscataway, New Jersey, opens; purchased Owens-Illinois Joint Venture Holdings (Elkton, MD) and name changed to Terumo Medical Corporation
  • 1982: Opening of new Terumo Medical Corporation research and development facility in Elkton, Maryland
  • 1983: CAPIJECT® capillary blood collection tubes are designed, patented, and go on sale in the U.S.
  • 1985: U.S. production of insulin syringes begins
  • 1988: Completion of major manufacturing expansion in Elkton, Maryland
  • 1990: New sales and marketing headquarter office opens in Somerset, New Jersey
  • 1995: U.S. production of cardiovascular devices begins
  • 1999: Sarns division of 3M is acquired and it becomes Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terumo Medical Corporation
  • 2005: Mission Medical is acquired
  • 2006: MicroVention is acquired; Terumo Interventional Systems begins direct sales of its entire endovascular product line
  • Present: Produces a diverse portfolio of medical devices, supplies, and accessories

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    Terumo Medical Corp. Jobs

    Elkton, MD, US

    Job Summary: The Manufacturing Technician maintains all machines in good working order, troubleshooting and repairing any mechanical or electrical failures. Assists Technicians in other departments within the section. Works closely with Central Engineering Group on projects to upgrade equipment. Under general supervision receives instructions by way of electronic transmission, verbal, or written f

    Elkton, MD, US

    Job Summary: Set up, operate, and maintain production equipment, automatic and manual in order to maintain a quality product. Requires close supervision, however after initial training, the job is performed with minimal amount of supervision. Expected to make independent decisions when required to do so. Job Details: Associate is responsible to follow requirements of applicable national and intern

    Elkton, MD, US

    Job Summary: Reporting to the Plant Financial Manager, this position contributes to the coordination of the annual business plan, analyzing and monitoring SG&A budgets and actuals, capital expenditure plan and plant activity for Terumo Medical Corporation (TMC). The Finance Analyst will also be responsible for helping provide finance project support (e.g. Discounted Cash flow analysis (NPV, IRR) a

    Elkton, MD, US

    COMPANY PROFILE: For more than 80 years, the name Terumo® has been synonymous with innovative medical devices. From its start as a manufacturer of clinical thermometers, Terumo has grown worldwide to a position of leadership in such areas as hollow fiber technology, blood management systems, and the creation of new technologies in endovascular therapy. Terumo has distinguished itself as a high qua

    Elkton, MD, US

    Job Summary: This position is responsible for the repairing and overseeing of the maintenance on equipment and plant facilities to ensure functional accuracy and completeness. Job Details: Associate is responsible to follow requirements of TMC Quality System; including but not limited to: process controls, calibration and maintenance procedures, document/data control, and change control practices.