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Boise, ID Employment Information

Boise, Idaho Overview Boise is the capital of Idaho and its largest city. The population is just north of 212,000 ...

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Boise, Idaho Overview

Boise is the capital of Idaho and its largest city. The population is just north of 212,000 people and has steadily increased since 2000. Boise is a great place to work because it combines two distinctly different notions of what Idaho is. It's a big city with all the bells and whistles, but doesn't carry along the feeling of a major metropolitan area. In fact it's quite the opposite; Boise has preserved its natural beauty eloquently, making the transition from busy urban sprawl to pristine forests and bodies of water seamless. It's truly a treasure in this regard. The weather is fantastic for half of the year, but Idaho is located far to the north and faces persistent snow during the winter.

Boise's housing is affordable with a median house value of $167,000 and a median gross rent of only $771. The median age is 35.8 years, remaining close to the state average of 34.5 years.

Boise Job Opportunities

Boise, ID jobs in various industries are successful and plentiful, helping to stimulate Boise's economy despite its relatively small population. Boise is the headquarters for several major companies including WinCo Foods, Boise Cascade LLC, Albertson's, Bodybuilding.com, Idaho Timber, J.R. Simplot Company, Idaho Pacific Lumber Company and Clearwater Analytics.

There are other major industries headquartered in Boise that have large manufacturing facilities present which provide a large percentage of the populace with jobs. The state government is one of the city's largest employers and offers countless job opportunities for those willing to take on its challenges. Boise State University is in Boise and is home to the Boise State Broncos. The Broncos are a beloved pastime of living in Boise and another great organization under which to find a job. The school is very large, boasting high attendance numbers and 17 varsity teams in various sports.

There are also plentiful employment opportunities in nearby Meridian, Idaho. If you're having trouble finding jobs in Boise, Meridian might have a position of better fit. However, Jobs in Boise, ID do hold the distinct advantage of being stationed in Boise's largest city.

Boise Employment Trends

Boise, ID jobs boast a higher average income than the state average of $45,489. The unemployment rate has decreased steadily recently and now sits at a below average 4.4 percent, a positive sign for those seeking jobs in Boise. Jobs in Boise, Idaho are plentiful especially if one is willing to work. The city is a great place to begin a career due to the numerous job opportunities and flexible housing options. Due to these factors, Boise is one of the most popular midsize cities for young entrepreneurs.

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