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Madison, Wisconsin Overview As the capital of Wisconsin, Madison is a thriving city that's home to 243,344 people. ...

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Madison, Wisconsin Overview

As the capital of Wisconsin, Madison is a thriving city that's home to 243,344 people. That also makes it the second biggest city in the state. The city, which was incorporated in 1848, is located in the south-central area of Wisconsin. It's commonly referred to as the City of Four Lakes because of its close proximity to four lovely lakes: Lake Kegonsa, Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa and Lake Mendota. However, Madison also boasts another lake, Lake Wingra.

The cost of living in Madison, WI is about 3.8 percent above than the national average according to Forbes. The median household income in Madison is $61,054, and the median price for a home is $216,400. Although the cost of living may be higher in Madison, it offers many things that appeal to residents and attract many visitors each year. Among those attractions are museums, including the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the Madison Children's Museum, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and the Wisconsin Historical Museum that's operated by the esteemed Wisconsin Historical Society.

Madison Job Opportunities

Several major companies have operations in the city and provide Madison jobs. In fact, the biggest industries are education, insurance, agribusiness and healthcare jobs in Madison, Wisconsin. Unlike many other cities in the state, it has been largely unaffected by the recession in the 21st century, and its expansion is ongoing, which means that there are many available jobs in Madison.

Madison Employment Trends

Madison's economy has evolved from one that is mostly government-based to one that is more based on high-tech and consumer services, especially the health care sector, the advertising sector, and the biotech sector. A variety of Madison, WI jobs are available in other industries as well, and there is a skilled, highly educated local work force.

As of July 2014, Madison had an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, which is lower than the Wisconsin unemployment rate average of 5.8 percent and the national unemployment rate average of 6.3 percent. Growth for Madison jobs was at a rate of 1.6 percent in 2013, and it is expected to grow at a rate of 2.3 percent in 2014. That is good news for job seekers because there will continue to be an increase in jobs in Madison, WI. You'll also find growth with nearby Middleton jobs.

Madison ranks 44th on Forbes' list of cities for job growth, and the city ranks 33rd on the best places for business and careers.

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