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Midland, Texas Overview Midland, Texas was originally founded as the mid-way point between Fort Worth and El Paso on ...

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Midland, Texas Overview

Midland, Texas was originally founded as the mid-way point between Fort Worth and El Paso on the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Today it's much more than a mid-way point for switching out tired engines. It's a bustling metropolis that has experienced incredible population growth due in part to the oil industry. Forbes named it the "second-fastest growing small city" in the United States. Midland is now home to 123,933 people but some recent estimates believe the number is closer to 160,000.

Nicknamed the "Tall City," Midland is known for its skyline. Like many oil towns it's also rich in culture and the arts housing a handful of galleries and theatres. George W. Bush's childhood home is also in Midland. Twice a year Midland College brings in distinguished speakers and opens these talks to the public.

Overall, Midland's cost of living is slightly higher than the United States average, mainly due to the higher cost of housing and transportation. The median home cost in Midland is $202,300. While the average home in Midland is more expensive that the national average, rent is lower. A one-bedroom apartment costs around $700 a month, $65 cheaper than the national average.

Midland Job Opportunities

Midland's economy still relies heavily on petroleum but it has diversified slightly, expanding into a regional telecommunications and distribution center. As recent as 2006, with an increase in petroleum production, there were more jobs in Midland, TX than employees. As of 2014, Midland has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 2.3 percent.

The top employers for Midland jobs are Midland Independent School District, Warren Equipment Companies, Midland Memorial Hospital and Medical Center, Dawson Geophysical and Midland College.

Midland and Odessa are often combined for statistical purposes and are close to one another. Job seekers who can't find Midland jobs can also peruse Odessa jobs.

Midland Employment Trends

Midland, TX jobs have exploded over the past couple of years and that's expected to continue as the world relies heavily on petroleum and its by-products. The hottest jobs in Midland are in the energy industry but the town offers many jobs in education and healthcare fields as well.

Midland is expected to continue to grow. Whether it retains its title as one of the fastest growing small towns depends largely on the oil industry and new energy solutions. Still the world's dependence on oil will probably continue to ignite this town's impressive growth. Midland's biggest problem isn't in the numbers of jobs but numbers of qualified candidates. With its low unemployment rate, employers will begin recruiting from other companies, making it a candidate's market.

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