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Ocala, FL Employment Information

Ocala, Florida Overview Ocala, Florida is home to two colleges College of Central Florida and a Rasmussen College ...

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Ocala, Florida Overview

Ocala, Florida is home to two colleges College of Central Florida and a Rasmussen College satellite campus. Ocala is well-known for the farms that raise thoroughbred horses. The horse industry has brought over 40,000 jobs to the Ocala area. It has also brought over 2 billion dollars annually to the area. There are also tourist attractions in the Ocala area such as Silver Springs Nature Theme Park, and the largest artesian spring formations in the world. Silver Springs is known as the first tourist attraction in Florida. Other popular attractions in Ocala include the Coca Cola building, the Ocala National Forest and the Appleton Museum of Art.

The average cost of living in Ocala is over 10 percent less than the nation's average making Ocala a very affordable place to live. The average salary in Ocala hovers around $27,000, while the median household income is just under $38,000. Keep cost of living in mind when searching for jobs in Ocala, FL.

Ocala was hit especially hard during the recession, and is still struggling somewhat to recover from what many people called the "Ocala Catastrophe" when Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, a local mortgage giant declared bankruptcy laying off over 1,000 workers. Since the county was a major housing manufacturer and provider of Ocala, FL jobs, the recession took a large toll on Ocala. However, the area has been working hard toward economic recovery.

Ocala Job Opportunities

There are many available jobs in Ocala in all different industries. In Ocala the management industry has the most careers with the service industry coming in right behind it. Health care jobs are also a popular choice for Ocala residents. Many people also work on the horse farms, since Ocala is considered by some as the Horse Capital of the World. There are also many nearby Gainesville jobs, if you can't find Ocala jobs.

Ocala Employment Trends

Prospects look bright in Ocala, as Forbes ranked Ocala fifth in the United States for projected job growth with the projected growth of 3.4 percent. It's not all good news, however, as Ocala also has an unemployment rate of 8 percent. The city government is focused on lowering the unemployment rate. On a positive note, salaries in Ocala have grown over 7 percent. The average specialist's salary is now over $50,000, and continues to grow as the economy continues to recover, and the local government pushes for less unemployment and higher salaries in Ocala jobs.

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