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Database Administrator Job Overview Database administrators oversee software designed to store large amounts of ...

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Database Administrator Job Overview

Database administrators oversee software designed to store large amounts of information. Depending on a job's specific duties, database administrators may need to perform regular maintenance, update security features and teach authorized personnel how to access the data they need.

While database administrators oversee software, they may not necessarily know how to build programs and analyze security flaws. This makes it important for them to work with teams of IT professionals. These teams can include security architects, software programmers, technicians and network systems analysts.

Database administrators typically work for businesses that need to store information about customers, product shipping and financial transactions.

Database Administrator Job Education Requirements

Most employers want database administrators with college degrees. While a master's degree is not required, earning one may create more job opportunities.

Information technology professionals can also complete certifications showing that they have the right skills to work with large databases. Even college graduates may want to earn certificates so potential employers know they can fulfill their job responsibilities.

Database Administrator Job Market

The job market for database administrators is expected to grow by about 15 percent over the next decade. This rapid growth should create plenty of positions for college graduates with the right levels of experience.

Database administrators who want to improve their career opportunities should consider moving to states with larger job markets. States with the largest job markets for database administrators include Texas (10,970 jobs), California (10,870), Florida (6,770), New York (6,670) and Virginia (5,450).

Database Administrator Job Salary Information

The mean annual wage for database administrators is around $82,280 ($39.56 per hour ). Jobs in some states, however, tend to pay higher salaries than those in other areas. States with above average salaries include New Jersey ($102,350 annual mean wage), Colorado ($94,050) and California ($93,370).

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