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Entry level IT Job Overview Information technology is a diverse industry that includes many entry-level jobs. ...

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Entry level IT Job Overview

Information technology is a diverse industry that includes many entry-level jobs. Professionals starting their careers may find positions as computer programmers, network architects, database administrators, software developers or security analysts. Since these are entry-level jobs, employees usually work under the close supervision of a manager who has more professional experience.

Entry level IT Job Education Requirements

Most entry-level IT jobs require a bachelor's degree, although there are some exceptions. Entry-level web developer positions, for instance, may only require an associate degree. Informational technology students interested in becoming research scientists may need to complete doctoral degrees before they qualify for jobs.

Bachelor of science programs in information technology usually include core curricula with courses in subjects like human-computer interaction, statistics, finite mathematics and knowledge management. Students can add courses to learn about specialized areas within IT. This helps students prepare for the challenges they will face in the workforce.

Entry level IT Job Market

The job market for entry-level IT professionals is strong. Job prospects, however, depend on what area of information technology recent graduates pursue. The number of computer network architect jobs is expected to grow by 15 percent between 2012 and 2022. Computer programming jobs, however, are expected to grow by eight percent during the same period. Students who want more job opportunities should pursue careers in areas that are growing quickly.

Entry level IT Job Salary Information

Entry-level IT jobs pay well compared to entry-level positions in most other industries. Like the job market, however, salaries vary depending on one's chosen career path. Software developers tend to earn some of the highest beginning salaries. Most entry-level software positions come with salaries starting at around $60,000. Computer network architects, computer systems analysts and information security analysts can also expect to earn above-average salaries in IT.

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