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Interior Designer Employment Information

Interior Designer Job Overview Interior designers are tasked with the overall design and function of indoor living ...

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Interior Designer Job Overview

Interior designers are tasked with the overall design and function of indoor living spaces. They often work with architects, contractors, and clients to determine the most functional room layout, preferred color schemes, appropriate window treatments, and even the most aesthetically pleasing hardware and lighting fixtures. Interior designer jobs require the ability to work independently and make safe, functional, aesthetic decisions, but they also require designers to work within the confines of client demands and specifications.

Much of an interior designer's responsibilities include reading and interpreting blue prints, choosing color palettes, obtaining and providing samples for the client, planning indoor architectural details, submitting drawings to construction inspectors, using CAD to create drawings, and estimating project budgets.

Interior Designer Job Education Requirements

With such a focus on computer-aided design and color theory, most interior designer jobs require candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree in interior design. Certificates, associate's degrees, and master's degrees are also available, and can help enhance qualifications for someone on the interior design track with appropriate coursework. Those wanting to pursue a specialized interior design career, such as bath or kitchen designer, will need a combination of relevant coursework and experience.

Interior Designer Job Market

The job outlook for interior designers is expected to grow as fast as average through 2022. This is likely to keep up with client demand that home and office interiors meet accessibility and environmentally-friendly conditions. It's important to note that interior designers depend largely on the construction industry, so when construction business is booming, interior designers are more likely to find clients. Long-term projects like those found in hotels, hospitals, schools, and other public facilities can create work for many years.

Interior Designer Job Salary Information

Interior designers earn a median salary of $47,600, but entry-level interior designers begin at around $25,600.

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