21 ridiculous ways people avoid preparing for job interviews

Procrastination won’t help you get hired, but some people have it down to an art form.

21 ridiculous ways people avoid preparing for job interviews

For some people, prepping for a job interview falls into the “Oh, I’ll get to it later” category. While it’s not the best strategy, it’s certainly an understandable one—but only up to a point. “You’re postponing the inevitable, which in this case is a shot at a potentially better-paying job in a role that’s upgraded from your current one,” says Vicki Salemi, Monster’s career expert.

Clearly, not everybody got Vicki’s memo. Among them, these 21 people who found just about anything to do other than get ready for their interview. Sound familiar?

The serial cereal eaters


The crafty folk


The screen addicts (just one more swipe...I swear!)


Poor-life-choice people

The online shoppers


The night owls


And then there's the pop culture vultures


Some of those procrastination moves might make for a good story or tweet, but if you’re really looking to nail your interview, you might start with some of Vicki Salemi’s procrastination tips instead:

1. If you’re procrastinating, set a timer. If you’re playing Candy Crush, give yourself a 20-minute limit.

2. I’m a big fan of productive procrastination. Maybe you’re postponing your interview prep, but your apartment needs tidying up. Procrastinate by cleaning!

3. If you’re having trouble focusing, research the company you’re meeting with—check out their website, social media feeds and insight on Kununu from employees who work there.

4. Practice your elevator speech with a friend. Answer the question, “Why should we hire you?” by outlining your top skills and experiences that make you an asset to a company.

5. Feeling too overworked to concentrate? Throw yourself a dance party! Crank your favorite hits for 20 minutes—then get back to business.

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