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6 ways to show employees their talents and contributions are appreciated

How to acknowledge your team while increasing efficiency.

6 ways to show employees their talents and contributions are appreciated

Employees not only like to know when they’ve done good work for their employers, but they also value performance feedback — even if that comes in the form of a proverbial pat on the back.

“The most practical reason to show employees appreciation for their good work is to let them know when they hit the mark,” says Michael Timms, president and founder of Avail Leadership. “This allows them to know what to aim for next time.”

In addition, expressing appreciation can affect productivity. A study by Gallup shows that up to 20 percent of an employee’s performance can be attributed to the praise she’s received in the past week.  

“While everyone enjoys being appreciated, we are all unique in how we like to be valued,” Timms says. “Managers should ask employees which recognition methods they prefer and remember that gratitude shown should be specific, timely and, of course, genuinely deserved.”

With that in mind, here are six ways you can show employees their talents and contributions are appreciated.

Tell them

“While it may seem simple, stopping by your employee’s office or cube and sincerely thanking them for their contribution to a recent success goes a long way,” says Jennifer Brown, founder and CEO of PeopleTactics. She also suggests hand-writing a thank you note and including a gift card inside. Taking time out of your day to express gratitude can go a long way toward making employees feel appreciated.

Tell the CEO

Send a short email to the CEO highlighting an employee's hard work or accomplishment and copy the employee on the email,” recommends Timms. “Not only will the employee feel like a million bucks, but the CEO will have something to talk to the employee about the next time they’re both at the water cooler.”

Give them a break

“A surprise paid day off is a great idea,” says Beth Ann Stifflemire, human resources administrator at Cody Pools. “This token of gratitude can be especially effective at the end of a big project or high-profile achievement.”

Invest in them

“One of the best ways that companies can show appreciation for employees is to invest in them,” says organizational consultant Orin C. Davis. Provide training to help them upgrade their skills, and send them to conferences where they can broaden their networks and potential client lists. When they go on these trips and bring back new ideas, it’s rewarding to them and brings dividends to the company.

Give them more flexibility

Telecommuting and flexible hours can be used to show employees you trust them, Davis says. Employees crave flexibility, and granting it can help them establish more work-life balance.

Show them how they’re making a difference

Highlighting how an employee has made a contribution, not only to the company, but also to the greater good, is one of the most important things a company can do, Davis says. It may take some thought to connect the dots, but helping employees see the connection between what they do and making the world a better place can be powerful.

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