Associate degree jobs in health care

No four-year degree? No worries. You can have an awesome career in health care.

Associate degree jobs in health care

Looking for health care jobs, but aren't interested in getting a four-year (or longer) degree? Here are eight great associate degree jobs that you can get in health care. (Salary info provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

Medical assistant 

What you'd do: Medical assistants work under the supervision of a physician to help care for patients. The main duties of a medical assistant are to record patient’s vital signs, bring them into the examination room, and prepare them for the physician. Medical assistants can collect, prepare, and log blood, tissue, and any other laboratory specimens requested by the physician. Learn more about how to become a medical assistant.
What you'd make: $33,610 per year. The highest-paid medical assistants are located in Vallejo, California and San Francisco, California, where the average yearly salaries are $46,170 and $45,640, respectively.

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What you'd do: Phlebotomists are mainly tasked with drawing blood from patients as well as packaging and processing blood tests. Main duties include taking patients’ vitals, preparing patients for the procedure, drawing blood, and then labeling, storing, routing, and processing all samples.
What you'd make: $34,480 per year. The highest-paid phlebotomists are in San Francisco, California, where the average reported salary is $53,840 per year.

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Surgical technologist

What you'd do: Surgical technologists assist doctors and nurses in a surgical setting with a number of different tasks. They are responsible for assembling, transporting, and retrieving surgical equipment and keeping inventory of all surgical items that come in and out of the operating room. Part of the job requires keeping the surgical equipment sterile and conducting pre- and post-surgery care to patients.
What you'd make: $47,300 per year. The highest-paid surgical technologists are in Salinas, California, where the average reported salary is $71,610 per year.

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Occupational therapy assistant

What you'd do: Occupational therapy assistants work in health care facilities that offer occupational therapy to patients with disabilities or who have injuries. Therapy for these individuals may be physical, psychological, or emotional, depending on the patient, and the role of the OTA is to offer assistance to help the patient achieve a better quality of life.
What you'd make: $60,220 per year. The highest-paid occupational therapy assistants are in Sacramento, California and Brownsville, Texas, where the average reported salaries are $84,440 and $81,330, respectively.

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Radiology technician

What you'd do: Radiology technicians prepare patients for X-rays and determine the type of X-rays to take based on the patient's medical chart. Next, they will take the X-rays and then process the images for the patient’s doctor. It requires a working knowledge of medical terminology and the ability to work with high-tech X-ray equipment. Learn how to become a radiologic tech.
What you'd make: $59,520 per year. The highest-paid radiology technicians are in Vallejo, California and Salinas, California, where the average reported salaries are $101,880 and $100,220, respectively.

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Respiratory therapist

What you'd do: Respiratory therapists are responsible for working with individuals that have trouble breathing or cardiopulmonary issues. Sometimes the job requires working with premature infants as well as children or adults suffering from cystic fibrosis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Learn more about how to become a respiratory therapist.
What you'd make: $60,280 per year. The highest-paid respiratory therapists are in Salinas, California and Sacramento, California, where the average yearly salaries are $97,130 and $93,240, respectively.

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Dental hygienist

What you'd do: Dental hygienists work alongside dentists to help examine patients and provide dental care. The duties of a dental hygienist include removing plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth as well as taking X-rays, applying sealants, giving fluoride treatments, and educating patients on proper dental hygiene. In some states, dental hygienists are able to place and carve fillings and periodontal dressings.
What you'd make: $74,820 per year. The highest-paid dental hygienists are in Fairbanks, Alaska, and San Jose, California, where the average reported salaries are $113,190 and $112,210, respectively. 

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