Companies hiring freelance jobs now

To help you combat the unpredictable nature of freelancing, rely on Monster's latest list of available gigs.

Companies hiring freelance jobs now

Freelance jobs are available in a variety of industries.

Freelance jobs are synonymous with flexibility. You take the jobs you want, when you want, and you have the added bonus of working in a variety of industries rather than grinding it out doing the same old thing day after day. According to the most recent annual Freelancing in America report from the Freelancers Union, 57 million workers are freelancing—3.7 million more people than in 2014.

Among the benefits freelancers hold dear, better work/life balance, more interesting work, more time for family and friends, and less stress than a traditional job are at the top of the pile. Naturally, there are downsides to being a freelancer, including juggling a variety assignments, the unpredictable nature of freelancing, and working alone. But the benefits are winning over more and more workers: 61% of survey respondents said they’re freelancing by choice, a gain of 8 points since 2014.

If you’re looking for freelance jobs, Monster can help. We used data provided by the Gartner TalentNeuron tool to identify the 25 companies with the most new freelance job listings on Monster in the past 30 days. Browse the list below for the latest opportunities—and remember, jobs are always being added on Monster, so bookmark this page and check back often!

Freelance jobs available now

  1. UPS  
    Number of jobs: 3,211
  2. NTT Data, Inc.  
    Number of jobs: 367
  3. Army
    Number of jobs: 305
  4. The AXA Group
    Number of jobs: 112
  5. Mastech Digital
    Number of jobs: 106
  6. AIC 
    Number of jobs: 91
  7. FedEx Supply Chain
    Number of jobs: 88
  8. BDO
    Number of jobs: 88
  9. Rain For Rent 
    Number of jobs: 87
  10. B2B CFO
    Number of jobs: 76
  11. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
    Number of jobs: 71
  12. Mercy Health
    Number of jobs: 64
  13. TPA technologies
    Number of jobs: 48
  14. Infinite Computer Solutions
    Number of jobs: 36
  15. Ricoh
    Number of jobs: 33
  16. Pepsi 
    Number of jobs: 31
    Number of jobs: 30
  18. Advantage Solutions Group, Inc. 
    Number of jobs: 30
  19. Rand Worldwide
    Number of jobs: 28
  20. San Jose State University
    Number of jobs: 28
  21. American Income Life Insurance
    Number of jobs: 26
  22. Viva USA
    Number of jobs: 24
  23. Trigyn Technologies
    Number of jobs: 22
  24. Tacoma Community College 
    Number of jobs: 21
  25. North Carolina State University
    Number of jobs: 18

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