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Editorial Assistant - Fiction, Non-Fiction & Classics

Barnes & Noble, Inc.

New York, NY

10 days ago
Lead Interaction Designer - Ion System


Sunnyvale, CA

16 days ago
Manager, Paid Social

LQ Digital

Los Angeles, CA

5 days ago
Director of Photography

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Newport Beach, CA

29 days ago
Freelance Spanish Copy Editor

Randstad USA

Minneapolis, MN

9 days ago
Field Service Technician

Randstad USA

Greenville, SC

9 days ago
Construction Assistant

Solomon Page

Jericho, NY

3 days ago
Front-End WordPress Developer


Evanston, IL

2 days ago
Sr. Director, Creative Services

Global Industrial

Port Washington, NY

17 days ago

Freelance Jobs Overview

The 9–5 world doesn't work for everyone. Some people prefer the freedom and flexibility of creating their own schedule. Others take on freelance work on the side while working full time or going to school. Freelance jobs can provide a sole source of income or supplementary income. People from a wide range of backgrounds and industries can successfully make the switch to freelancing full time, and many start with next to no experience in their chosen field at all.

When you become a freelancer, you're not employed with a company. Instead, you provide services to a company or individual client on a contractor or per-diem basis. There are many advantages to freelance jobs, such as avoiding a commute, having more time at home to spend with family, and setting your own hours.

The easiest jobs to do on a freelance basis include freelance writing jobs, tutoring jobs, journalist jobs, web developer jobs, and photography jobs. You also can expand your search for business operations jobs by considering freelance positions in the following areas:

Freelance Job Education and Skills

Although some freelance jobs don't require any specific education or training background, others may require a college degree and previous experience in the field. For example, you may need prior writing experience or a sample of your work to get a freelance writing job. You'll likely need a college degree in web development to get a freelance web developer or designer job.

Regardless of the type of freelance job you choose, you'll need good time-management and organizational skills, self-discipline, and the ability to market yourself to attract new clients. You'll also need your own computer (preferably a laptop), a strong internet connection, a cellphone, and any necessary software or office supplies. Read Monster's article on how to be a freelancer to get started.

Update Your Freelance Resume

Think of a freelance resume as a sales pitch: You want to make sure a potential client understands what services you bring to the table. You'll need to highlight the key skills that pertain to the freelance job you're applying for. More importantly, you'll need to demonstrate your expertise in your field and your ability to deliver results. Read through Monster's resume writing tips to learn how to put together a sleek, professional resume.

Depending on which freelance job you're applying for, you may or may not need to include a cover letter with your application. If you do need one, be sure to briefly introduce yourself, discuss your professional background, and explain why a company should consider using your services. To get a better idea of what to include in your cover letter, see our cover letter samples and writing tips.

Interviewing for a Freelance Job

Interviewing for a freelance job is often not the same as interviewing for a full- or part-time position. Since you're not technically employed with a company, you likely don't have worry about cultural fit or explaining why you're leaving a job. If you do have an interview, it might be a short phone or video chat to discuss your background, experience, and whether your services fulfill the project's or company's needs. Some freelance jobs don't require interviews at all. Instead, you may be placed in a system and given jobs on a per-diem basis.

How Much Do Freelance Jobs Pay?

Wondering how much money you can earn as a freelancer? It all depends on your level of expertise and whether or not you get to set your own rates. Freelancers are often paid flat rates per project or by the hour. Not sure how much money you can expect to earn in your field? Try using Monster's salary estimator to get an idea of how much copywriters, photographers, or other types of freelancers earn in your area.

It's worth noting that freelancers don't have taxes or other deductions taken out of their paychecks. Additionally, you'll have to factor in self-employment taxes when determining how much you'll earn.

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