16 hilarious haikus all job seekers can relate to

We’ve rounded up solutions for the good, bad and ugly moments you’ll encounter in your job search—and on the job.

16 hilarious haikus all job seekers can relate to

Wherefore art thou, job offer?

OK, so maybe you’re not exactly Shakespeare when it comes to resume writing and perhaps your last interview was almost as tragic as the ending of Romeo and Juliet.

Monster has you covered (just check out our resume writing services and interview tips).

But taking it one step further, in the spirit of National Poetry Day, some Monster staff writers poets wrote up some haikus all job seekers can relate to—with additional advice for all of your employment woes. Enjoy!

Salary is on my mind
Also, what’s for lunch?

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Your toxic workplace
Should be a superfund site
Hazardous to health

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I wish that I could
Unsubscribe from work email
Without being fired

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When you love your job
Work should not feel like a slog
But a trampoline

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Office thermostat
Why do you hate me so much?
I'm freakin’ freezing

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Entry level job
Need five years experience

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Networking event
Socially awkward introvert
Smile and shake a hand

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My biggest weakness
Why would you even ask that?
Nobody’s perfect

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Startup interview
Bikes, dogs and cold brew coffee
I feel over-dressed

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Forgot to hit mute
On morning conference call
You don’t smell that bad

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Used corporate card
To buy beer and Pokémon
Does that count as fraud?

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How do I answer?
Such complicated questions
I am just tongue-tied

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Coworkers laughing
We love our jobs. So much fun!
It’s meaningful work

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Afternoon coffee
You make today’s big report
Really come to life

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Tweeted those pictures
Interview begins at 2
Can I delete them?

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Job search, where to start
Always seems neverending
Tomorrow's the day

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