25 companies hiring in health care now

These health care companies aren’t taking any sick days when it comes to upping their headcounts. Find the top companies hiring health care workers this month.

25 companies hiring in health care now

Top Health Care Jobs Hiring Now

If you're a veteran and want to talk about a promising future, look no further than health care careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says this sector is projected to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. That roughly adds up to about 1.9 million new health care jobs in dire need of talent. That's where you come in. According to a recent Monster survey of veterans, 13% of respondents said they were looking for jobs in health care when they left military service.

Your skills are in high demand, so let's get busy applying to some online jobs to help you fortify your civilian career. Using data provided by the Gartner TalentNeuron tool, we’ve identified the top 25 companies posting the most health care jobs in the past 30 days.

Mercy Health takes the top spot, with Army, Walgreens, US Oncology, and Apria Healthcare rounding out the top five. Check out the full list below to see if there’s a company that’s a good fit for you. New health care jobs are always being added, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Health care companies hiring now

  1. Mercy Health
    Number of jobs: 714
  2. Army
    Number of jobs: 295
  3. Walgreens
    Number of jobs: 289
  4. US Oncology 
    Number of jobs: 194
  5. Apria Healthcare
    Number of jobs: 148
  6. St. Peter's Health Partners
    Number of jobs: 84
  7. Outpatient Rehab Opportunity
    Number of jobs: 76
  8. American Renal Associates
    Number of jobs: 55
  9. Dedicated Nursing Associates
    Number of jobs: 33
  10. BPL Plasma
    Number of jobs: 30
  11. Pfizer 
    Number of jobs: 27
  12. Belmont Village 
    Number of jobs: 27
  13. Penn Medicine 
    Number of jobs: 20
  14. Sterling Medical 
    Number of jobs: 20
  15. UPMC 
    Number of jobs: 19
  16. VisionWorks
    Number of jobs: 17
  17. ENT and Allergy Associates
    Number of jobs: 16
  18. AlixaRX
    Number of jobs: 16
  19. WeisMarkets 
    Number of jobs: 15
  20. North Country Hospital 
    Number of jobs: 14
  21. Resurgens, P.C.
    Number of jobs: 14
  22. Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home
    Number of jobs: 13
  23. Harbor Health Services
    Number of jobs: 12
  24. North Place Operating Company
    Number of jobs: 12
  25. SSC Sterling Operating Company
    Number of jobs: 12

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Prescription for job-search success

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