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July 23 - Aug. 22

Leo Career Horoscope

December 2019

by the AstroTwins

Back to basics? As the year draws to a close, you’re moving in a productive and disciplined new direction. On December 2, Jupiter will wrap a 12-month visit to Sagittarius and your buzzworthy, passionate fifth house, settling into Capricorn and your analytical, get-‘er-done sixth house until December 19, 2020.

While it might sound like a buzzkill, the truth is 2019 was a lot to take in. You had exciting moments and (hopefully) lots of fun, but you may not feel as though you’ve gotten the kind of traction you want. Now, as Jupiter visits this orderly and systematic sector (joining structured Saturn and transformational Pluto), you can find the adventure in the mundane and put the important pieces in place for your ascent! On December 26, a Capricorn solar eclipse arrives to show you the map. Since the sixth house rules helpful people, you might discover a rockstar assistant or service provider who helps run the Leo lair like a tight ship.

Are the right players in place on Team Leo? On December 12, the Gemini full moon illuminates your eleventh house of groups and technology. Start your outreach for an ideal candidate or, if you’re job hunting, put the word out to your network. It’s highly likely that your next big opportunity will come through someone already in your orbit. Now’s the time to tap the superconnectors in your orbit and see who’s within a couple degrees of separation. Start with who you know!

Last mission for the decade: Make sure everything (and everyone) at Chateau Leo is supporting your goals. With energizer Mars in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house from November 19 to January 3, there could be both excitement and friction under your roof. You might be searching for a new address or roommate or revamping your space. A revolving door of holiday guests could add stress, so put them to work—or send ‘em to an Airbnb if need be. Don’t utter a guilt-ridden “yes” if someone asks to crash at your pad, especially a high-maintenance person. You’ve got stuff to do and things to launch—interruptions will create more tension than usual now. Start practicing healthy boundaries. The ability to say a clear no is a skill worth cultivating for 2020 and beyond.

Best Jobs for Leo

Job Traits for Leo

  • Powerful leaders
  • Not afraid to take charge
  • Dynamic personalities
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Creative and playful

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