Find a job you love—it’s easier than you think

Which state has the happiest workers? What industry boasts the highest job satisfaction? We’ve got the results in Monster and Brandwatch’s annual social media sentiment study.

Find a job you love—it’s easier than you think

It’s all too easy to think of finding a job you love the same way you think about finding a soul mate—with thousands of opportunities out there, how can you ever expect to land on the right one?

Here’s a little-known fact: It’s easier than you think.

Monster’s latest report on social media job sentiment offers an in-depth look at who truly loves what they do for a living. Along with social media analytics firm Brandwatch, we analyzed more than 2 million tweets over two years to determine everything from the day of the week when people love their job the most (Thursday, believe it or not) to the countries where workers are most content (hello, Philippines!).

You can see the full report here. Or, check out the cheat-sheet results in the video below:



So, where should I go for my next job?

Here’s one piece of advice to come out of the survey: Love for work is stronger in some states than others, and you might want to follow the love. Idaho ranked as the state where people most commonly tweeted about loving what they do, followed by Montana, North Dakota and Vermont. If there’s a common thread here, it’s population size—the top states were largely less dense than those where workers were most likely to dislike their occupation. So for a happy job life, go against the crowds, and never underestimate the value of a low-traffic commute.

Find jobs in Idaho, MontanaNorth Dakota or Vermont.

OK, I’ll move wherever, but in what industry will I love my job the most?

Location is all well and good, but settling on a specific field is something else entirely. Workers in the finance industry continue to present higher levels of job hate than job love, showing an increase of 4% increase in job hate over last year’s report. The travel, education and media industries have higher levels of job love—for example, tweets by people in the travel industry represented 15% of positive discussions about jobs.

Find jobs in travel, education and media.

This is great! But what should I do next?

Intriguingly, the report found that in conversations about their jobs, a key word was “people,” regardless of whether they were expressing job love or job hate.  In a way, though, it’s not that surprising. After all, being passionate about what you do is only part of the equation—a great job is nothing if you’re not surrounded by equally great people.. That’s not always so easy to discern right off the bat, but we recommend checking out employer reviews from our partners at Kununu if you want the inside scoop on a company’s office culture.

For your next step—you know, actually finding that great job—why not start with the latest Monster 100? Every month, we round up the 100 companies posting the most job listings on Monster, offering a snapshot of the hiring market and where demand is strongest. In line with recent hiring trends, health care makes up a significant chunk of the list, but you’ll also find big-name employers in education and food services, along with dozens of other opportunities to set your journey to job love in motion.

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