10 things you should never cook in your office kitchen

Fun fact: Not everyone enjoys the smell of baked tilapia.

10 things you should never cook in your office kitchen

We all have that one co-worker. You know, the one who you can smell carrying their lunch down the hallway from a mile away. The one who insists on reheating week-old leftovers in the communal microwave. And—more often than not—the one who’s prompting all those passive-aggressive notes left in the office kitchen.

We may all have that one co-worker, but it doesn’t have to be you. That’s why we’ve created this definitive list of foods you should definitely not make in the office kitchen—not if you enjoy having people to eat your lunch with, that is.


1. Fish

Just don't. Reheating that gourmet salmon from last night doesn't make you posh. It makes you a jerk.


2. Popcorn

There are two types of reactions to smelling popcorn in the communal kitchen: 1) I want that. Why can't I have that. 2) BRB, I'm calling the fire department.


3. Cake in a mug

Yes, you saw it in Pinterest. No, it won't look like that.


4. Soufflé

Any self-respecting chef knows that all the traffic and movement of the office kitchen will cause that bubble to burst. Don't disrespect the soufflé.


5. Soup

Congrats on getting your homemade soup all the way to work without spilling. Now, if you could wipe it off every surface in the kitchen after it exploded at the 30-second mark, that'd be stellar.


6. Organic-free range-paleo-crossfit-soy lunches

There's a reason all your work friends have been avoiding you.


7. Bananas Foster

Even if your workplace is okay with the rum, they probably aren't okay with you literally setting the break room on fire.


8. Questionable leftovers

Just because you can stomach it doesn't mean the rest of the office can.


9. Anything that requires a blender

WHAT? I SAID, ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES A BLE—ugh, you can't even hear me anyway.


10. Food from a solo takeout run

Mmmm, that pad thai sure smells good. Thanks for checking to see if we wanted anything.