Advice for Tackling the Different Types of Interviews

Advice for Tackling the Different Types of Interviews

As a job seeker, you can expect to have a number of interviews before you get a job offer. But not all interviews are alike.

You may be invited to a behavioral interview where you will need to provide examples of past performance, a stress interview where you’re deliberately put under pressure, or a case interview where you need to prepare and give a presentation.

Knowing which format you’ll be facing in advance can help you prepare effectively. It is perfectly acceptable to ask the recruiter or hiring manager about the type of interview you can expect and who will be conducting it.

Here is a list of some of the types of interviews you may encounter in your job search and how to prepare:

Telephone Interview or Screening

Before you even are asked for an interview, you might receive a phone call from an HR recruiter. She will ask you questions that will help the employer decide whether or not to bring you in for a face-to-face discussion. So be alert and on your best behavior whenever your phone rings.

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Behavioral Interview

When you are asked behavioral interview questions, the interviewer is listening for specific examples of how you have handled situations or resolved problems in the past. The thinking is that if you have specific examples of what you have done for previous employers, you will be able to replicate your behavior in a new job. Prepare yourself with success stories outlining the situation, the action you took and the result.

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Case Interview

To understand how you solve problems and communicate your ideas to a group, an employer may give you a challenge for which you must prepare a presentation. In this instance, do your homework and show up ready to perform.

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Panel Interview

Imagine having two, three or even more people interviewing you all at once. This is a panel interview, and it efficiently provides the employer with multiple opinions about you. Your best strategy here is to rehearse your answers and physical presentation beforehand, concentrating on concise, meaningful responses that speak to the multiple decision makers.

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Stress Interview

In a stress interview format, the employer puts you under pressure to see how you react. Ideally, you’ll show them what you’re made of by keeping cool. The more they continue to apply the tension, the calmer you need to become.

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Quantitative or Brainteaser Interview

Why are manhole covers round? You might hear questions like that at a quantitative or brainteaser interview, which companies use to test the limits of your knowledge and to gage how you approach, analyze and break down a problem. Take your time, listen and then talk through your thought process. You can score points by showing how you think.

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