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How awkward are you in conference calls?

We laid out the most awkward things you can do on a conference call. Get ready to cringe.

How awkward are you in conference calls?

We may live in 2017, but conference call technology is seemingly stuck somewhere around 1987. From the scratchy reception to the dinky hold music, it’s almost as if its creators have resigned themselves to the fact that most conference calls are cumbersome, awkward experiences.

We don’t just mean “oops, I pressed the wrong button” awkward (although that certainly applies here). We mean painful, teeth-gritting, head-slumped-against-desk awkward—the kind anyone who’s ever bombed on a conference call will surely recognize.

Just how awkward are you? To find out, count the number of situations below that you’ve ever found yourself caught in. Pro tip: Don’t do it while you’re on a conference call.

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