Beer jobs are on tap

In honor of International Beer Day, we’re serving up a variety of jobs at breweries big and small right now.

Beer jobs are on tap

Cheers, careers!

With the wave of craft beer that's gloriously washed up on our shores, breweries of all sizes are sprouting up faster than you can crack open a cold one. That means beer jobs, lots of 'em. In fact, about 70,000 people are directly employed by brewers and beer importers, according to the 2018 Beer Serves America report. Include additional positions created by the beer industry, and beer supports 2.1 million American jobs overall—the number of distributor jobs alone has increased by more than 19% in the past decade, to nearly 141,600. From 2006 to 2016, breweries accounted for more than half of the employment growth within the beverage manufacturing industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And if you’re anything like us, all beer is good beer, and all brewery jobs are good jobs in our book.

We rounded up the best damn beer jobs you can get your hands on right now. Beer lovers and hell raisers and job seekers rejoice!

Working in beer

On Monster, you’ll find that beer companies aren’t just brewing beer—they’re brewing jobs, too.

Of course, you’ll find familiar companies like Anheuser-Busch and Granite City making keg-sized hires.

But for the craft beer snob, you’ll find smaller breweries that are suitable to your career palate. The Brewer Association defines such craft breweries as small, independent companies often characterized by challenging flavors.

There are beer jobs everywhere, from Louisiana's Abita Brewing; Boston’s Harpoon Brewery and Trillium Brewing; Pennsylvania's Barley Creek Brewing; Oregon's Deschutes Brewery and Wild River Brewing; Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery; and Chicago's Revolution Brewing, craft breweries are ramping up hiring on Monster. 

The jobs the industry is brewing

We’re not going to lie, working in the beer business sounds nothing short of being a really sweet gig. (And if you need any more convincing, just ask the people who work in it.)

Although you might not necessarily be able to drink the beer while you’re on the clock, there are plenty of great options beer lovers can get their job search hopped up on.

Inside the brewery, you can get close to where the magic happens, fermenting grain and hops as a brewer. You’ll also find jobs for distributors, sales representatives, and brand ambassadors at beer companies, as well. Additionally, some breweries give tours and have tasting rooms that are open to the public, so if you’re looking to spread your love of beer with the 21 and over crowd, you can find jobs for bartenders and tour guides there, too.

You can find all beer jobs on Monster—and then feel free to crack open a cold one because this international holiday only comes once a year. Cheers!

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