20 things anyone who's worked at a restaurant knows to be true

Whether you’re a lifer or have moved on to less meaty ventures, these 20 restaurant realities last forever.

20 things anyone who's worked at a restaurant knows to be true

Your work friends may all smell like caramelized onions, but hey—so do you! Or you did. Whether you’re still carrying a tray today or if hung up your apron for good, you’ll recognize some of these familiar food service scenarios:

1. Your arm muscles are the strongest they’ve ever been:


2. There’s nothing better than taking the menu for a test run:


3. Closing only to open the next morning is a special kind of torture:


4. You have a deep love and understanding of appropriate footwear:


5. You detest the loiterers that stand between you and the end of your shift:


6. You both love and hate your uniform:


7. And no matter how many times you wash it, it will always smell like food:


8. Your fake smile is infallible:


9. No matter how many times you say no, the same person will always ask you to pick up their shifts:


10.‘Staff-cest’ is a very real epidemic:


11. The night you finally get to pick the playlist is your time to shine:


12. You’ve had to go to some extreme measures to make it through your shift:


13. The first time you spill something you’re so embarrassed you consider walking out and never coming back:


14.There is no place more calming during a long shift than the walk-in fridge:


15. And your fridge at home is solely filled with your favorite menu items:


16. At some point or another, you’ll inevitably bring a customer exactly what they ordered only to be told they ‘asked for something else.’


17. You feel like a ninja and/or superhero when you catch a dish on its way to the ground:


18. You’ve realized you messed up a customer’s order two days later and felt terrible because they were too nice to complain:


19. You’ve become immune to customers with bad table manners:


20. But there will always be customers who make it all worthwhile:

If you miss the familiar buzz of fast-moving restaurant life and your food service cronies, maybe it’s time to lace up your arch-supporting sneakers and get back out there. Bet you haven’t lost your plate-slinging touch!

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