This is why you aren’t hearing back from recruiters

These numbers give you a sense of what goes on once you file that application.

This is why you aren’t hearing back from recruiters

Recruiters on Phone

You’re a perfect candidate. You know your skills match up exactly with what the company is looking for in this role. You triple checked your resume and your cover letter before submitting—they were typo free.

You coast into the weekend riding high.

But then one week passes, and you get no response from the company. A few more days pass. You check your phone even more than usual. Still nothing. Two weeks pass. You follow up, and you get no response. After a while, you slowly come to the realization that they’re never getting back to you, and you didn’t get the job.

You’ve been “ghosted.”

Recently, people have been borrowing this term from dating culture—which refers to when someone you’ve been seeing decides to break off communication permanently and suddenly—and applying it to the job-search process. Makes sense, right?

But unlike the dating world, recruiters often have a reasonable explanation as to why they didn’t get back to you to let you know why you’re out of the game: They’re dealing with incredible volume. Let’s take a look at what they’re so busy with, while they’re not emailing you back.

By the numbers; 78,352; number of minutes recruiters spend on the phone each year (more than 60% of their work year)


By the numbers; 13,000; number of people a recruiter speaks with each year (50 people per day)


By the numbers; 536; average number of job clicks before a recruiter make a hire


By the numbers; 59; average number of applications a job posting gets


By the numbers; >50%; percentage of applicants recruiters say applied but aren't qualified