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The Home Depot Overview

In June of 1979, the first two Home Depot stores opened in Atlanta, GA. The 60,000 square foot warehouses dwarfed other hardware stores at the time and carried thousands more items than the average tool supply store. As Home Depot was just starting out, the founders, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, stacked empty cardboard boxes on the shelves to give the illusion of more inventory.

On top of exceptional inventory, Home Depot store employees worked to teach customers about home improvement projects. The stores taught people to lay tile, handle power tools, and fix common plumbing problems. Even today, Home Depot looks to save customers money by teaching them home improvement techniques, so they can fix problems by themselves.

Today, there are more than 2,200 Home Depot locations across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. With headquarters in Atlanta, GA, the company brings in annual revenue of $23.8 billion and has more than 300,000 associates. It's one of the leading tool and hardware stores in the nation and has a continued commitment to a wide product selection and an emphasis on teaching.

The Home Depot Job Opportunities

One of the top positions needed by Home Depot franchises is manager. These people are responsible for the running of all store operations and meeting sales goals. Managers need to hire and train qualified candidates to teach customers and provide top-quality customer service. They also need to make sure merchandise is presented and stocked correctly, and provide direction if it's not. The Home Depot looks for excellent communication skills, leadership ability and organization in its candidates for manager positions.

The lifeblood of Home Depot is the sales associates who help customers find the products they need and instruct them on various home improvement techniques. Candidates who are familiar with a particular specialty – like plumbing – can specialize in that department, but employees new to the industry can learn different techniques and home improvement skills to work around the store.

The Home Depot Work Culture

Home Depot values community involvement and has a volunteer force to assist in the building and reconstruction of local communities. Since 2002, the Home Depot has invested more than $280 million in local communities, from fixing up a neighbor in need's house to rebuilding after a major disaster.

With core values like excellent customer service, building strong relationships, and respecting all customers, Home Depot employees can empower customers to improve their homes in the best way possible.

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