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Boston, MA Employment Information

Boston, Massachusetts Overview Located in Suffolk County, Boston is the largest city in and capital of Massachusetts. ...

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Boston, Massachusetts Overview

Located in Suffolk County, Boston is the largest city in and capital of Massachusetts. It ranks #24 on the largest cities in the country, with a population of 645,966. Its thriving metropolitan area, Greater Boston, is home to more than 4.5 million people. The city has a rich history, starting with its founding in 1630 by Puritan colonists who came from England. It also played a key role in the American Revolution, with the Boston Tea Party, Siege of Boston, Battle of Bunker Hill and Boston Massacre all taking place during the war.

It is a popular vacation spot, with millions of people coming annually to see the sights and learn more about the history. Boston also had the first subway system in America, constructed in 1897. It is home to famous colleges and universities, including Harvard University, Boston College, Northeastern University and Boston University. The cost of living in Boston is quite high, ranking at 161 versus the national average of 100. The most expensive aspect of living in Boston is the housing, but most of the categories rank well above the national average.

Boston Job Opportunities

Educators have many opportunities to find Boston, MA jobs, since there are educational systems of all levels located throughout the city and nearby cities, such as Cambridge, which is home to Harvard University and other schools. Since it is a popular spot for tourists, other jobs in Boston include those in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants and shops. Financial professionals also have options for jobs in Boston, MA, since one of the largest financial and strategy consulting groups, Analysis Group, has its headquarters in the city. Other industries with strong growth and opportunities for Boston jobs include advertising and marketing, healthcare, property management, real estate and technology.

Boston Employment Trends

Boston has the largest labor market within the state of Massachusetts, but the unemployment rate remains high compared to the national average. After two recent recessions, the market for Boston jobs is growing at a moderate pace. The fastest growing industries in the area are for business services, professional services, healthcare and education jobs in Boston. Since the cost of living is higher than other areas, many of the jobs do offer higher wages to compensate. Something unique to Boston residents is the high education level: more than 40 percent have a bachelor's degree, and many have advanced degrees as well.

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