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Fort Myers, Florida Overview Fort Myers was one of the first military bases in the southwestern United States. It was ...

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Fort Myers, Florida Overview

Fort Myers was one of the first military bases in the southwestern United States. It was originally built to protect settlers from the Seminole Indians. However, Fort Myers is now a vibrant city and the hub of tourism is the Cape Coral area. Interestingly, people travel to Fort Meyers to see the winter homes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, as well as to participate in water recreation. With a low cost of living, you can work in whatever industry you want in this diverse city.

Fort Myers has a unique geographic layout with tons of waterways. So, if you want to live on the water, Fort Myers is an excellent location. There are plenty of opportunities for Fort Myers jobs throughout the city and all sorts of outdoor recreation possibilities. Plus, the cost of living is 4.3 percent below the national average and the median household income of $46,016 per year.

Fort Myers Job Opportunities

Fort Myers is a great place to work with opportunities in several industries. One of the biggest industries for Fort Myers, FL jobs is healthcare. This is partly due to the large amount of retirement communities in Fort Myers. Tourism, transportation and service industry jobs are also plentiful. Workers with trade skills have the easiest time finding employment while people seeking office jobs in the service industry face the most competition. However, both types of jobs exist with good job growth.

The unemployment rate is 6.1 percent, which is close to the national average. However, Fort Myers is number 62 on Forbes' list for job growth, which means the unemployment rate is expected to drop quickly as new jobs are created. If you broaden your search to Cape Coral jobs, you can still live in Fort Myers and enjoy all its amenities.

Fort Myers Employment Trends

For the most part, job growth and employment have been stable and they follow the national trends of employment and job opportunities. However, after Hurricane Charley in 2004 and Hurricane Wilma in 2005, growth for jobs in Fort Myers was stagnant until the area was able to rebuild. Fort Myers has always been resilient with job potential and growth despite its climate challenges.

Healthcare is the biggest trend for Fort Myers jobs, but the city is also a government hub and major commercial area. Because of this, jobs in Fort Myers, FL tend to lean towards the service industry. There are also plentiful transportation jobs in Fort Myers.

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