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Gainesville, Florida Overview The principal city of the Gainesville, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) ...

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Gainesville, Florida Overview

The principal city of the Gainesville, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) recognized Gainesville as being a great place to live in both, the second edition of Cities Ranked and Rated magazine, and the National Geographic Adventure magazine. It's also home to the University of Florida, the eighth largest university in America by enrollment. At the time of the 2010 census, the total population of Gainesville was 124,354. Considered a mid-sized city in a centralized location within Florida, Gainesville is about an hour-and-a-half from Orlando by car.

Compared to the rest of the state, the cost of living in Gainesville is 7.9 percent lower, and 10 percent less than the national average. Although groceries and healthcare are two examples of expenses that may be more expensive in Gainesville than elsewhere, the housing in the city is lower than the national average. According to, Gainesville is an extremely livable city, ranking especially well in terms of amenities, housing and pleasant weather.

The plentiful sunny days for which Florida is known have caused Gainesville to become a leader in the area's solar power industry, too. If you're looking for the start of a new career, or are getting ready to enter the workforce, Gainesville, FL jobs could offer you chances to do exciting things that match your skills.

Gainesville Job Opportunities

The job market in Gainesville can sometimes be tougher than in other cities. That's because it tends to be over saturated with recent college graduates. However, for people who have the required skills and attitude needed to impress employers, it's possible to find appealing job prospects. The University of Florida is the city's top employer, providing jobs in Gainesville for 14,723 people. Healthcare jobs in Gainesville are also readily available. The North Florida Regional Medical Center, Veterans Health Administration and Shands HealthCare collectively employ over 17,000 people in Gainesville jobs. Additionally, expand your search by looking for jobs in Jacksonville. That major Floridian city is just over 60 miles from Gainesville.

Gainesville Employment Trends

The unemployment rate in Gainesville is 4.3 percent, or slightly below the national average of 6.3 percent. Recently, the job growth rate was 2.59 percent, which is more than in the rest of America. Over the next ten years, analysts believe the growth rate for Gainesville jobs will be 40.9 percent, above the national growth rate of 36.1 percent. Jobs in the education and food service sectors should see better than average growth, which is good news for people with that kind of experience. Whether you're in Gainesville to attend college or just want to take your career in a new direction, jobs in Gainesville, FL could help you earn a living doing what you love.

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