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Greenville, South Carolina Overview Greenville, South Carolina has undergone a major renovation. After a major renewal ...

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Greenville, South Carolina Overview

Greenville, South Carolina has undergone a major renovation. After a major renewal product, the downtown area now sits on Forbes list of best downtowns in America. Couple that with the BMW plant 30 miles outside of town, and Greenville has seen much prosper and change in the past 15 years. Although Greenville used to be known as the "Textile Capital of the World," manufacturing has taken over in the area as many textile companies have taken their business overseas. Fairly new to the area is the International Center for Automotive Research, which includes a collaboration among BMW, Timken, IBM, Microsoft, Clemson University, Michelin, and the Society of Automotive Engineers International. There is also a campus around ICAR which hopes to bring in investments through large companies.

The cost of living in Greenville is just under 2 percent of the National average, and is even less than the average of South Carolina. The average salary in Greenville is just over $30,000 while the median household income is just over $45,000. The average home in Greenville is almost $160,000.

Greenville Job Opportunities

The most common jobs in Greenville, SC exist in management, sales and office and service occupations. There are also positions for available in government, although those positions are not as prevalent as employment with companies. Many people work for BMW, or in the automotive industry because the plant is so close, and the abundance of Greenville jobs that available and accessible. There are also open positions in education, the health care industry, retail trade and manufacturing.

Those who can't find what they're looking for in Greenville, SC jobs should look for opportunities with nearby Spartanburg jobs.

Greenville Employment Trends

Greenville boasts a metro population of over 650,000 people. Job growth in recent years have been just over 2.5 percent. Almost 30 percent of Greenville residents have attained a college degree, which means more people are seeking white-collar employment in the area, such as executive jobs in Greenville. The unemployment rate for Greenville jobs is 4.5 percent, which is lower than the nation's average.

The Greenville Area Development Corporation has the goal of being a destination for diverse industries, and is working toward expanding the amount of industries and companies that call Greenville home. This initiative should aid in bringing more companies and making more jobs in Greenville area available. With market accessibility and favorable tax rates, businesses are drawn to the area just as BMW was. The current corporations are also incentivized to keep their companies and manufacturing plants in and around Greenville.

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