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Seattle, WA Employment Information

Seattle, Washington Overview Located on the Pacific Ocean in northwestern Washington, Seattle is a large coastal city ...

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Seattle, Washington Overview

Located on the Pacific Ocean in northwestern Washington, Seattle is a large coastal city home to 652,405 residents as well as several universities, Fortune 500 companies, and a lively performing arts and sports scene. Incorporated in 1869 and known the "Emerald City" due to the lush surround greenery, the city's proximity to mountains and forest also make it an eclectic mix of urban and rural living. The city is famous for it's rise as a premiere music city and it's high consumption and export of coffee.

Because of it's relative isolation from other cities in the United States, the cost of living in Seattle is 20.8 percent higher than the national average and 14.9 percent higher than the state of Washington. Transportation, housing, healthcare, and groceries as well are all much more expensive when compared to the state and national indices. Utilities, however, are comparable to anywhere else in the country. The median household income for the city is $70,727, while the median price for a home is $375,600. Renters can expect to pay an average of $1,072 for housing within the city limits.

Seattle Job Opportunities

The main portion of Seattle, WA jobs is driven a two-pronged mix of industry and new high-tech companies. Because of it's location on the Pacific Ocean, commercial fishing, shipping and manufacturing are very important Seattle jobs. The city is also home to several Fortune 500 companies including Amazon.com, Starbucks, Nordstrom and Expeditors International of Washington. There are also many because of a large local school system and 6 universities. The University of Washington is the largest employer in the city, employing over 25,000 workers, so education jobs in Seattle are a popular choice. Startup companies are also very important when it comes to jobs in Seattle.

Other large employers have a portion of their operations in Seattle including Zillow.com, Zulily, Rhapsody and Tully's, providing several different types of job positions. Currently, the retail trade has the widest base for Seattle jobs, making up 11.1 percent of the local economy. IT professionals and software engineers are in high demand, and according to the Bureau of Labor, Seattle has the fourth highest need for these workers. If you don't like city living, consider nearby Redmond jobs, as well.

Seattle Employment Trends

As of July 2014, Seattle had an unemployment rate of 5 percent, which is below the national rate of 5.9 percent and the statewide rate of 5.6 percent. Growth for jobs in Seattle, WA was 3 percent and is expected to grow 2.7 percent annually. The city ranks 9th on the list of Forbes' list for best places for career and business.

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