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Cable Installation Technician Jobs Overview

We don’t spend much time thinking about equipment that depends on cables or fiber optic or telephone lines—until something stops working. Then it’s time to call cable installation technicians to get you back online. You might hear people with cable installation technician jobs being referred to as “telecom technicians” since they work with telephone lines and internet routers carrying communication signals. There are three types of telecom technicians:

  • Central office technicians who set up and maintain equipment at switching hubs (called “central offices”).
  • Headend technicians who work at cable and television company distribution centers.
  • Home installers and repairers who work in customers’ homes and businesses.

On any given day, a cable installation technician may install new equipment or work with current equipment to inspect, repair, replace, test, adjust, and calibrate it. Technicians also work with customers to demonstrate equipment features. In addition, some cable installers’ work involves being outdoors and climbing on rooftops, ladders, and telephone poles. Outdoor technicians can be called “line installers.”

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Cable Installation Technician Job Training and Skills

If you’re thinking about a career as a cable installation technician, you will first attend postsecondary classes at a community college or technical school to earn a certificate or associate degree in electronics, telecommunications, or networking. Courses in these programs include:

  • Data transmission systems
  • Data communication
  • AC/DC electrical circuits
  • Computer programming

Once you land a job, you’ll receive on-the-job training to get familiar with the specific equipment you’ll work on, the procedures and tools you’ll need to use, and safe working practices.

Being physically fit is essential for cable installation technicians, who may find themselves working in cramped spaces and awkward positions and lifting and moving heavy equipment. This working environment calls for technicians to have color vision, dexterity, and mechanical, troubleshooting, and customer service skills.

Take a look at this Monster job description for a telecommunications technician to see what else employers might be looking for.

Update Your Cable Installation Technician Resume

Whether you have years of cable installation experience under your belt or are about to complete training to get your first job, you’ll need to include a resume when you apply for jobs. We have sample resumes to give you ideas for what to include in your resume and how it should look.

It’s also a good idea to send a cover letter to accompany your application and resume. You can learn how to format and write an effective cover letter by browsing all the cover letter writing tips on Monster.

Interviewing for a Cable Installation Technician Job

Job interviews can be conducted in person, by phone, or via video call. The one thing they all have in common is questions that might catch you off guard. We can help with that!

The Monster library has loads of articles about interview questions to anticipate and how to answer them. Some examples of questions that go beyond asking about your education and experience include, “What is your work style” and “Why should we hire you?” To be ready for a successful interview, you can look at the advice in these articles and use it to prepare your responses in advance.

How Much Do Cable Installation Technician Jobs Pay?

According to Monster, the median pay for a cable technician/installer in the U.S. is $18.31 per hour. This ranges from $14.31 to $23.92, depending on your location and experience. Monster’s Salary Tools will tell you what to expect in your area. You’ll also see pay for related jobs and things you can do to advance your career.

Want to Learn More About a Company You’re Interested In?

Monster’s Company Profiles are a way to scope out a company before you interview or even before you decide to apply. Why is this important? Monster wants you to find a job, but more importantly, we want you to find a job that fits you. Plug in a company name on the profiles page, and you’ll see things like:

  • whether the company is public or family owned.
  • what communities or regions they serve.
  • their employee benefits packages.

Let Monster Hook You Up With the Best Cable Installation Technician Jobs

Are you ready to explore openings for cable installation technician jobs in your area? Click on the job postings here to get started. You can also boost your signal by creating a profile on Monster. This will put your resume in front of employers and recruiters who can reach out to you with job opportunities.