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Cashiers - Plum Market West Bloomfield

Plum Market

West Bloomfield Township, MI


The Faulkner Automotive Group

Harrisburg, PA

1 day ago

Wegmans Food Markets

McLean, VA


The Home Depot

Zarephath, NJ

1 day ago
Buffalo Wild Wings Lewisville - Cashier

Buffalo Wild Wings Lewisville

Lewisville, TX

1 day ago
Torchy's - Cedar Park (21) - Cashier

Torchy's - Cedar Park (21)

Cedar Park, TX

1 day ago
Soulman's BBQ-Rockwall (Ridge) - Cashier

Soulman's BBQ-Rockwall (Ridge)

Rockwall, TX

1 day ago
Taco Bueno - McKinney #2 - Cashier

Taco Bueno - McKinney #2

McKinney, TX

1 day ago
Buffalo Wild Wings Weatherford - Cashier

Buffalo Wild Wings Weatherford

Weatherford, TX

1 day ago

Cashier Jobs Overview

Cashier jobs play a large role in shaping a customer's image of a business. When you work as a cashier, you also can make a difference in someone's day by making the interaction a positive one.

You may enjoy this job if you like working with people, have good communication skills, and are looking for a job that does not require a formal education. If you have a specific interest or hobby, you can also look for a related cashier job. You may associate cashiers with retail stores and restaurants, but many other businesses employ cashiers, for example museums and movie theaters.

When you work at a cash register, you will process transactions and answer customer questions. Depending on how busy the workplace is, you could also help out with a variety of other tasks.

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Cashier Jobs: Training and Skills

A job working at a cash register does not usually require a formal education, although some positions may require a high school diploma. Often interpersonal skills will be more important than experience. While cashiers' main responsibility is to handle transactions, they also help customers before a purchase, for example by answering questions or searching for products. Previous sales experience—even if it was in a different field, such as telemarketing or at a car dealership—can help you get a job as a cashier. If you have worked in customer service before, make sure to bring that up as well.

Larger retailers, however, may want you to start as a sales associate on the floor and transition to a position at the register after you demonstrate that you are trustworthy, attentive, and have good customer service skills.

Cashier transactions follow very specific routines. It is important that you are detailed-oriented and observant so that you can complete each transaction correctly. The job requires basic math for simple calculations, but transactions are often calculated automatically at the cash register. You may also need to balance the register at the end of your shift, which is a process of verifying that the cash, credit card receipts, and written checks match the record of completed transactions. You can learn more about the responsibilities in Monster's job description for cashiers.

Updating Your Resume

Before you apply for a new job, make sure to update your resume. If you don't have previous job experience, prepare a resume that details your skills and education. If you have experience in sales, retail, or customer service, make sure to include that. Our cashier resume sample shows you examples of what to highlight. For more advice, look at our resume writing tips. Some positions will also ask for a cover letter. Make sure yours is a good one by reading our sample cover letters and tips on writing the best cover letter.

Interviewing for a Cashier Job

During your job interview, the employer may ask you about challenges that could come up on the job. You can get ready for this by thinking about common scenarios you may encounter. For example, they may ask what you would do if you notice a coworker stealing money or if a sale falls through. For tips, read our article about 5 of the toughest retail interview questions and how to answer them. You should also be prepared to answer specific scheduling questions, such as what hours you are available, and if you can work evening, weekends, and holidays. Read our list of potential interview questions to learn more about what employers typically ask.

How Much Do Cashier Jobs Pay?

The median hourly salary for a cashier is $11.29. You can use Monster's Salary Tools to find out what the job typically pays where you live.

Ready to Apply? Check Out Monster's Cashier Jobs

A great place to start looking is Monster's free jobs database. Here you can search for jobs by location, connect with recruiters, get custom job alerts and more. Make sure to create a profile so that you can use all the features of the site.