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Communication Coordinator Interpretation Specialist*

Nintendo of Europe GmbH

Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

6 days ago
Corporate Communications Associate III

Randstad US

Mountain View, CA

5 days ago
Communications Analyst, Cyberspace

Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, Ltd.

Hampton, VA

11 days ago
Manager, Corporate Communications

News Corp


1 day ago
Public Relations Specialist

Pro Tax and Accounting Corp.

San Jose, CA

9 days ago
Communications Coordinator


Culver City, CA

6 days ago
PR Representative (Influencer Marketing)

Petal & Pup

West Hollywood, CA

2 days ago
Corporate Communication Specialist

Randstad Office and Administration

Wayne, PA

30+ days ago
Public Affairs Officer /Communication Advisor

Tra'Bian Enterprises

Dublin, OH

20 days ago

Communications Jobs Overview

Communications jobs cover a broad range of occupations, but they all have one common goal—skillfully conveying information to an audience. Whether you are speaking from behind a podium, correcting a writer's grammar, or leveraging social media to boost audience engagement with a brand, your skill set is essential to the communications sector.

Jobs in communications include marketing managers who create marketing campaign, writers who may write anything from news releases to ad copy, social media specialists who run a brand's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, and much more. No matter what your job title, as a communications professional, you'll research topics, learn about your audience, find solutions to get your point across in difficult or complicated situations, and, convey information through a variety of mediums, such as web content, print, social media, and audio or visual content.

To begin your job search, you can start with areas in which you have an interest or education. This may include occupations like:

Communications Education and Skills

Jobs in communications require a bachelor's degree at a minimum. A common major for communications careers is journalism. Specific classes in the communications curriculum include writing, principles of persuasion and influence, rhetorical criticism, and media law and policy. A typical job description for a communications manager position includes knowledge of these areas and more.

Writing skills are a must for communications professionals. The ability to research, empathize with your audience and listen are essential. Some communications jobs require specific skills such as confidence and poise if you're a spokesperson or in-depth knowledge of social media platforms if you're a social media director.

Update Your Communications Resume

Make sure you're highlighting your talents, education, and experience for potential employers with a top-notch resume. As a communications professional, your application package should be polished and skillfully written and designed to showcase your skill set. Check out our sample resumes, with one specifically for marketing communications. We also have some general resume writing tips you may find helpful. A cover letter from a prospective employee in communications needs to be spot-on. Here is one for a marketing manager. Employers may ask for a writing sample or a portfolio of your work. Tools like WordPress can help you put together a comprehensive online collection of your work that employers can easily access.

Interviewing for a Communications Job

For someone with a communications degree, interviews for a job in communications should be a piece of cake, right? But even skilled communicators get the pre-interview jitters—especially when they're interviewing for their dream job. If only you knew the interview questions ahead of time so you could prepare. We're here to help with that! Take a look at some of the most common interview questions you'll encounter. And some final job interview advice can't hurt either.

How Much Do Communications Jobs Pay?

When you get ready for salary negotiations, it's good to know what you're worth. The median salary for a communications manager is $64,219. For a more focused job such as a copywriter, the median is $60,461. Use Monster's Salary Tools to find out what different positions pay in your region You'll also discover what jobs you can apply for next to advance your career and the salaries for those jobs.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

Doing some homework can help your interview go smoothly and can help you determine if you're a good fit for the company. Hundreds of organizations are included in our company profiles that have essential information, including:

  • The company's mission statement.
  • Benefits the company offers employees.
  • A summary of the company's product or service offerings.

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