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Data Scientist


Jacksonville, FL

5 days ago
Data Scientist - Lumedic


Torrance, CA

6 days ago
Data Scientist


San Francisco, CA

1 day ago
Data Scientist


Grapevine, TX

1 day ago
Sr. Data Scientist, Expansion


San Francisco, CA

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Rocket Auto LLC

Detroit, MI

12 days ago
Data Scientist - Machine Learning


San Francisco, CA

13 days ago
Data Scientist

Randstad US

Sunnyvale, CA

7 days ago
Senior Data Scientist (Remote)


Scottsdale, AZ

24 days ago

Computer Science Jobs Overview

Computers are complex systems that most people have a smattering of proficiency in. Computers are essential for all industries from farming to banking, and it's computer science jobs that keep those machines humming. The world's many complex and interconnected government, medical, and financial systems would go dark without computer scientists. Computer scientists know the ins and outs of computer systems—they know how to solve complex problems and enhance the proficiency of computer systems, networks, and databases. Tons of computer science jobs are available to skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals with college education.

By choosing a job in computer science, you'll enter an ever-growing field with a lot of room for advancement. You may play a vital role in developing new software and computer applications or find ways to make computer technology more efficient. Once you get your feet wet in computer science, you'll likely never run out of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% increase in computer science jobs within the next decade. That's much faster job growth than in most other industries.

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Computer Science Education and Skills

Want to know what it takes to get hired in the computer science field? Most computer science jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, computer programming, or a related field. When you pursue a computer science degree, you can expect to take courses that cover the following subjects:

  • Computer science theory
  • Computer architecture
  • Data management
  • Computer networking
  • Information technology
  • Computer programming
  • Cyber security

While not required, many employers prefer candidates who have a master's degree or certificate program in addition to a bachelor's degree. Some computer science certificates are vendor-specific, and are offered by tech companies such as Cisco and Microsoft, while others are offered by non-profit and professional organizations.

Computer science employers look for candidates who have exceptional analytical, mathematic, communication, and critical-thinking skills. Being detail oriented and a problem solver will also help you excel in this field. See our computer programmer job description to learn more about what computer science employers are looking for in successful candidates.

Update Your Computer Science Resume

Do you have the skills and qualities needed for a computer science job? Bring them front and center on your resume. If you're not sure where to begin, refer to Monster's computer science resume sample to learn how to boost your chances of getting hired. Most employers won't consider your resume if your cover letter isn't up to par. Read through our computer science cover letter sample to get an idea of how to pitch yourself to potential employers.

Interviewing for a Computer Science Job

The anticipation of your next job interview may give you butterflies in the stomach. That's normal. But preparing yourself ahead of time can help ease the anxiety and show a potential employer that you're a viable candidate. Monster walks you through how to give clear, thoughtful answers to even the most challenging of interview questions, as well as ideas for follow-up questions you can ask to gain more insight into the company, the team, and your future role.

How Much Do Computer Science Jobs Pay?

Curious about how much you can expect to earn in a computer science career? The median yearly salary for computer scientists in the U.S. is $94,016. When you broaden your skill set, you have the potential to move up to data scientist, senior data scientist, or senior software developer positions with even higher salaries. Go ahead and use Monster's Salary Tools to find out how much you can earn in your location as well as what next steps you might want to take in your career.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

Do you have a specific tech company in mind that you'd like to work for? If so, Monster offers company profiles that tell you more about the organization you're applying to. You can find basic company information, the number of employees, and photos and videos that depict the company's culture along with their most recent job openings.

Program Your Computer Science Job Search by Signing Up at Monster

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