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Construction Jobs

Assistant Construction Manager

Randstad USA

Albuquerque, NM

4 days ago
Construction Assistant

Randstad USA

Macon, GA

4 days ago
Construction Superintendent

Bowhead / UIC Technical Services

Madison, WI

2 days ago
General Construction Laborer

Liberty Excavators, Inc.

York, PA

6 days ago
Construction Crew Member

American Waterworks

Rochester, MN

5 days ago
Light Industrial Construction- Traveling Superintendent

Michael Page

Chicago, IL

1 day ago
Design and Construction Services Manager

The Community Builders Inc

Boston, MA

6 days ago
Construction Coordinator


Laurel, MD

3 days ago
KEI - Lead Construction Worker - 2021

KEI Outdoors

Temecula, CA

5 days ago

Construction Jobs Overview

Construction is critical to America’s infrastructure and economic development. Countless construction jobs need to be filled to ensure that schools, hospitals, businesses, and homes are developed and renovated quickly and safely. Jobs in construction are available to a wide range of job seekers, and many entry-level construction positions only require a high school diploma.

Choosing a construction job is a great way to get into a high-demand career with endless opportunities. Depending on your role in the construction industry, you’ll operate equipment, load and handle building materials, work as part of a team, or even manage construction projects from start to finish.

You may want to broaden your search by looking for a variety of construction jobs. Among those are:

Construction Worker Training and Skills

Depending on what type of construction job you want, you may need a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or certification. To become a general contractor, carpentry laborer, or house painter, you just need a high school diploma. It’s helpful to know how to use certain hand tools and equipment like a hammer, saw, tap measure, and level meter and have basic math skills, and a good eye for measurements.

Construction managers and construction superintendents need a bachelor’s degree in construction management or a related field and at least one year of experience working in construction. Some construction managers complete a master’s degree or obtain construction management certification. Check out this Monster article to learn more about how to become a construction manager.

Specific construction subsectors, like asbestos removal and plumbing, often require special licensure. If you don’t already have a specific license or certification, be sure to check to see if your state requires it.

Update Your Construction Worker Resume

Before applying for construction jobs, stand out from other qualified candidates by writing a professional resume and cover letter. Start by updating your resume to highlight those skills and qualities potential employers look for. Check out Monster’s construction resume sample to learn how to catch employers’ attention. Then, take a look at our sample cover letters and cover letter writing tips to help you make the best first impression.

Interviewing for a Construction Job

After an employer reads your resume and cover letter, they’ll want to know more about you. Employers in the construction industry want to know how reliable, experienced, and competent you are. If you’re applying for a general contractor job, an employer might want to know if you own any safety equipment such as a hard hat or steel-toed boots. If you’re applying for a construction manager job, you’ll likely need to discuss your experience with project management, vendors, and subcontractors.

See our article on commonly asked interview questions for construction workers to know what to expect. During an interview, you’ll likely be asked:

  • What prior construction experience do you have?
  • What types of tools do you own or know how to use?
  • Do you have any safety training?
  • What kinds of job-related challenges have you faced?

How Much Do Construction Jobs Pay?

Not sure how much money you can expect to make in construction? Monster breaks it down for you. Construction workers are paid based on their job title, subsector, and work experience. Construction helpers and laborers earn a median of $16.59 per hour while construction managers typically earn $72,805 per year. Want to find out how much you can expect to earn in your area and subsector? Check out Monster’s Salary Tools to find salary information and a list of skills that can boost your value and help you expand in your career.

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