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Cyber Security Employment Information

Cyber Security Job Overview As the world of technology continues to grow and change, cyber security professionals are ...

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Cyber Security Job Overview

As the world of technology continues to grow and change, cyber security professionals are becoming more valuable than ever before. Also called information security analysts, those working in cyber security have to monitor and stop threats from hackers and other outsiders. Thousands of people around the world are looking for holes in security systems so that they can break through and obtain personal information. In the past few years, many big corporations have suffered the effects of cyber-attacks. Cyber security specialists work with these companies to look for gaps in their systems, and then fix them before others find them.

Cyber Security Job Education Requirements

Working in cyber security usually requires a combination of education and experience in working with computers and security systems. Many colleges, universities, and technical schools offer computer science programs that include courses in cyber security. In these programs, students can earn degrees of all levels that can aid in finding work. Quite a few employers are now requiring bachelor's degrees, at minimum, to qualify for positions. There are certifications available in the cyber security industry that offer training in targeting and minimizing threats. Students can also purse a master's degree in information assurance and cybersecurity, which offers additional job opportunities.

Cyber Security Job Market

Since the online world is growing at a rapid pace, the cyber security job market is expanding just as quickly to keep up with ongoing privacy concerns. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cyber security analyst positions should increase by 37 percent by 2022. Each individual who works as a cyber-security professional will have to be innovative and think quickly to predict possible threats before they become bigger problems. Therefore, while there will be a number of job openings, companies will look for candidates with experience and knowledge, since they will be more likely to protect the organization.

Cyber Security Job Salary Information

Cyber security analysts earned a median wage of $86,170 in 2012. Those working in management positions of cyber security, such as IT security team managers, can earn higher wages since they directly oversee other staff members and address higher level concerns. Since one single hacker can create myriad problems for a company or an entire computer network, the role that cyber security analysts play continues to become more important. Those who have strong computer skills and can solve problems should seriously consider this stable career option.

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