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Engineering Jobs in Greenville, NC

Manufacturing Engineer

Penco Products Inc

Hamilton, NC

RF Engineer

TeleWorld Solutions Inc

, undefined

Design Verification Engineer - Remote

Synapse Design

, undefined

Project Engineer/Field Engineer

Milani Construction

, undefined

Lead Physical Design Engineer

Synapse Design

, undefined

Software Engineer - React Any Backend language


$110000 - $125000 / Per Year

Remote, NC

Senior Digital Engineer

Ametek, Inc.

, undefined

AWS Site Reliability Engineer (100% remote 12 months contract)

Xylo Technologies Inc

, undefined

Sr. Cloud Architect

Veterans Engineering

$145000 - $150000 / Per Year

, undefined

Greenville Engineering Jobs Overview

Where would the world be without skilled scientists and mathematicians to solve our most pressing problems? From agriculture to aerospace, engineers devise strategies to fix faulty systems and help industries operate more efficiently. Engineering jobs are available to college-educated candidates with the right credentials in their field.

As an engineer, you're responsible for creating the blueprint behind every major project and idea. The role of an engineer differs by industry. For example, as a civil engineer, you would plan and oversee infrastructural projects. As a mechanical engineer, you would work with machines, tools, engines, and mechanical and thermal sensors.

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About Working in Greenville, North Carolina

When you’re looking for Greenville jobs, you might read about magnolia trees, recreation areas like River Park North, and a sprawling campus that brings theater and music to the city. But when you talk to someone who lives in Greenville or attends East Carolina University, chances arrrrrr that you’ll hear about pirates. It starts with the college sports teams, the ECU Pirates. Part of the NCAA’s 1-A Division, the baseball pirates have had 54 winning seasons in the last 56 years. Since 1961, more than 50 pirate footballers have joined the NFL, with eight making it to the Super Bowl. When you travel off campus, you’ll hear stories about the annual Greenville PirateFest, two days of pirate partying on the banks of the Tar River attended by 35,000.

Why the focus on pirates? Greenvillagers are proud to lay claim to the spot on the ECU campus where the notorious Blackbeard hid his treasure and sunk his own ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, before he was taken down by the Royal Navy in 1718. Remnants of the ship are studied at ECU’s Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Lab. You can find a treasure trove of jobs in Greenville or set sail for other job-hunting shores in Wilson, Rocky Mount, or Jacksonville.

Update Your Greenville Engineering Resume

Before hitting the apply button, make sure your engineering resume is up to date. Think of your resume as a marketing tool that clearly defines your skills and background. Your resume should be clean, concise, and error free. See Monster's resume tips for engineers to learn how to give your resume the boost it needs. You can also learn how to properly format your resume by referring to our sample resume for mechanical engineers.

Many employers will ask you to submit a cover letter with your resume. Even if it's not required, a well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the competition. You can use our mechanical engineer cover letter sample to learn how to format your cover letter and decide which information to include.

How Much Do Engineering Jobs Pay in Greenville, North Carolina?

Got money on your mind? You should! Make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth. Our Salary Tools can help you understand what you can expect to make in engineering jobs in Greenville, North Carolina, as well as the skills that can boost your value and what the next steps in your career might be. Right now, the median electrical engineer pay in Greenville is $68,544 per year, which is 28% lower than the national average.

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